Redesign E-commerce Health and Beauty website

Contest was good. It was a slow start but then designs poured in which was good. The designer we worked with was excellent. Good communication skills and very easy to work with. More importantly, very creative. I'll be coming back here again no doubt. Riaz

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Winning design #13 by eximius123, Website Design for Redesign E-commerce Health and Beauty website Contest
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  • Sorry, I haven't read your Last comment and Uploaded my #3 in a hurry.
  • Greeting riazv, This is my 3rd Concept based on Dr Thom Layout, I haven't Filled the rest of the content yet, Just want to make sure if i got back on the right direction. Kindly advice, -Amr
  • hi amr, pls go ahead. When I said keep the content I meant header and footer the rest you can change / remove. Some space for brand ads would be good - please look at its a good clean example! but we need a mixture of thehut and dr thom. thanks r
  • Hello riazv, I Tried as possible to reduce the size of your content, However you have too many items to display comparing to Dr thom, as you said before, you want to display all your content but in a different layout and positions, If you allow me to convert some images to a textable fields like Dr thom, I think I can do it. -Amr
  • Hi Amr, Sorry but i still don't like your designs. Compare them with the 2 samples I provided i.e The Hut & Dr thom. Ours is too busy and definitely not to the professional image I am looking for. Thanks for trying but it does not appeal to us. Thanks Riaz
  • Greeting riazv, In this concept I used iPhone icons as categories to reduce the possible scrolling, also on the flash banner I have used the Jquery slide banner Just like Yahoo banner used 4 small screenshots slides instead of Numbers Icons (this defiantly will look different than the competitive websites to represent your latest news. The advertising brans can be added Just above the footer. Let me know your thoughts. Regards, -Amr
  • Thanks for your Feedback, I will come with something different. Regards, -Amr
  • Hi Amr, Thanks for the design. Its not what we are looking for and definitely not in the right direction. Firstly, there is no flash display element. You have also added tabs for special offers, top sellers, save big (we do not require these) only some room for 'recently viewed products'. I also don't like the background design. I'm afraid its completely not what we are looking for. Thanks Riaz
  • Greeting riazv, Kindly let me know you overall Feedback based on this Concept, and let me know if i'm on the right Direction or not. Regards, -Amr
  • Yes thats fine. PSD is fine to post for the contest. Thanks Riaz
  • Dear Riazv, Not sure if I understand either, would psd layout be alright to post for the contest, pls? Thanks :) Abi
  • If you will give me psd it would be better. Otherwise whatever as JPG image preview or website link.
  • Hi Amr, If you can give me both PSD and CSS that would be brill! if only one then the final in CSS. Thanks Riaz
  • Greeting riazv, Welcome to DC :) Thanks for your Brief Description, I read most of your sections and I wanted to make sure of something you pointed which is You want a new layout sliced into "HTML" & "CSS" is that right? Because most of customers asked only for a PSD (Photoshop) format. I just want to make sure of that point, Which in both ways wont be a problem at all. Kindly advice, -Amr
  • I have not selected layout due to the fact we are not 100% sure which layout we wish to go for.
  • About #25 Revised Option
  • Dear Riazv, I just posted my first design related to your design brief #24 . I am open to any comments or suggestions you have. Thank you.
  • I give psd design layout. pull down menu as like thame.
  • Dear riazv, This comment is related to #22,#21,#20. I changed buttons to Red and tried other colors. Let me kindly explain why the blue buttons (or maybe green) fit into the design. There are certain rules in design and color theory. I picked a color scheme for your design, it has green, blue, light gray and dark gray colors. These four basic colors should be used in every aspect of the website’s body design with the exception of banners and images which are not related to the template (but still other colors should be at least in harmony with the basic colors). Please, consider this. You think that orange or red buttons will fit because you have colorful ads on the page but this will be confusing for users. They should clearly distinguish the navigation/action elements/body design elements from website’s content. It’s a usability issue. Also I’d leave the blue gradient background for hover submenus, it gives a certain idea that submenu is a child of main menu with categories. I recommend you to stick with #16. This is the best submission so far. Trust me, what I’m doing here is not about winning a prize. It’s about building some extra portfolio. I take pride in what I am doing. I show my designs to my future clients and other important people. Thank you, EximDesign
  • Any error?