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Winning design #39 by lostrise, Website Design for Redesign long term work Contest
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designed by lostrise

Project description

We want our website redesigned, so it will appear less disturbing, with more highlighted categories and focus on what we are selling - Hair Extensions! We want the customer quickly to be introduced to our key services. Note that the website is an e-commerce and the audience is danish women... Choice of color should be strong and feminine... (Please avoid pink)

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  • mgx
    Content for inspiration
  • About #2, Can you tell me more about my proposal ? Because i dont know what can i change and you didnt rate my design. Regards, enkor
  • mgx
    Hi Ramchi, Thank you for provided design. I think your layout is very "web 2.0" and innovative. Also I like the fact that you really spend time on the different features on our webshop - so it appears as realistic as possible!
  • mgx
    Hi Engkor, Thank you for the provided design... Mgx
  • About #2 Dear mgx, It is a first part of layout, next part i will create this afternoon because i haven'e enough time now. So, what you think about it ? Any change let me know. Hope you like it. Regards, enkor
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have submitted design #1 . Design is bright and it has the luxury minimalist look. In next few years, it will be still modern. Design is clean, so your customers will not get lost on your site. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
  • mgx
    If you have any queries - please feel free to ask :)
  • mgx
    Great... I am looking forward to that :)
  • Okey, thank you. Today i will add something :) Regards, enkor
  • mgx
    just use logo from website. Because I dont have my graphic files on this computer :(
  • Okey, I understand it. So I do something for you now. Which logo i can use ? From this link ? Or from actually page ?
  • mgx
    Hi Enkor... I understand that. But is this a mutual belief from designers. Because the reason I did not blind the contest was because of a concern that I would get "less" designs to choose from? :(
  • Because on this world are a different people who can appropriate other ideas. this is it :) Regards, enkor
  • mgx
    Hi Enkor, Why do you want it blinded? Mgx
  • Hello ! Can you blind this concest ? Thanks, enkor :)
  • mgx
    --- OVERALL FEEDBACK --- Hi All, Thank you for your provided designs. I have following additional info. - Design of shopping bag should be in right top. - I like the "narrow" top which are not taking to much space - I like the logo in purple - I would like the key features to be displayed with a graphic icon / logo (IE. Klarna part payment with klarna logo, - Shipping with a graphic icon of ex(transport icon) and so on. (Design #4,5 you have this part correct :), but I would like it in colors, and no airplane. - I like the "big footer" in design #1 (if the Track and trace box could be moved down here as the 3rd element from left) - I like the testimonials box in design #1 that it is a "sample" of some of the testimonials - The text paragraphs are primarily for SEO purposes and are not an essential part of design. Neverthe less I like how it is displayed in deisgn #4 Please dont limit yourself by my comments... I must say that I am already positive about the designs so far... Looking forward for design to page 2 :)
  • mgx
    Like your other one better :)
  • mgx
    Hi Jack, Your colors dont add up in a greater harmony I think.Layout is simple and not far from the existing one.
  • mgx
    Hi, Thank you for this design... I think it looks really good. and Fresh! I will make overall comment so please check it out :)
  • #5 design is with richer and bolder color varations