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Our current website ( is too crowded with text. Since we're a private company and our site has been viewed mainly by people who know us well, we've used the site to give information rather than as a window into who we are and what we do. In the future, though, we expect people that aren't familiar with us to come to our site, and we'd like to have something that conveys in a short glance what we do. We want something that is easy to read and navigate, that has a tagline, and that explains what we do and how we're different from other companies that do similar things.

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  • hi there virgil21, i hope you will like it. making it wide. gold yellow and sprays of blue. stamp logo. etc. cheers. arues-lilac
  • Greeting virgil21, Thanks for your feedback, I have done your revisions, Kindly let me know if you have any feedback. Regards, -Amr
  • hi ch, thanks for feedback and so the layout is ok for you can i make the fotter small! raj Thanks
  • This is pretty good, but the text doesn't seem compartmentalized enough. I kind of like having very distinctive areas to the homepage, and the text in this entry kind of blends together a bit too much. Getting closer, though
  • I like this one a lot. The only minor issue is that there's lot of space open at the bottom -- the bottom part of the page shouldn't get as much real estate as the middle and top. Very good, though.
  • I like this one a lot. The only minor issue is that there's lot of space open at the bottom -- the bottom part of the page shouldn't get as much real estate as the middle and top. Very good, though.
  • hi ch, see my design and give me feedback Thanks!
  • I like the layout and colors. Similar to my comment on design #4, I think that there should be one very prominent (large) photo and 2-3 smaller ones -- this would create the feel of "start here" (with the big icon), "then go here" (with the smaller graphics).
  • I like this version much better -- brighter, crisp and not too much text. I think that having a lot of photos all the same size dillutes the effectiveness, though: one big photo with a few smaller ones would be better. Maybe the big photo could be the graphic that draws the viewer's attention, and the smaller photos below or on the side would correspond to different sections (i.e. "our portfolio" or "our team") with a "click here" button next to each. Overall, a good move in the right direction....
  • I believe that photos of portfolio could be the most interest-catching elements of the website, so this proposal shows a gallery in the home page, and let the right side for the brief-most-important information. I hope you like this. Regards.
  • Understood. Thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated. I'll post new entries soon. Regards. jjy
  • sorry, but this design is so close to the original that i don't even know what the differences are. i want something that looks completely different from the original design, and this just touches up maybe 10% of it.
  • too dark, too much text, and too much like the original site. i want something that is brighter, less dense, and sticks out
  • Thanks for the questions and comments. I'll try to answer all I can here: Colors: I prefer softer colors, such as light blues or light greens, but darker colors might be more professional. I'm open to ideas as long as they're not screaming, loud colors and there aren't too many different, clashing colors. Reference sites/competitors: I don't know of any direct competitors, but there are some large companies such as and that do similar things to our company. I don't like either of their sites. Logo: Yes, it would be nice to have a logo Customers and Purpose: The main customer would be someone that is looking to invest in property in China and comes across our site. We need to hook them right away to get them to read more, because they're just browsing different sites and have no compelling reason to stay long unless our site pulls them in. A second group of customer would be people that I or other employees direct to the site, and we want to impress them with a nice, professional site that is easy to navigate so they can find the info they need. Reference sites: I can't think of any -- I usually look at web sites for their content, and don't consciously think about the design or layout, so I don't think I'm qualified to comment on that. I think our site should be like a billboard -- a few boxes with minimal text and clear places to click to read more. Dimensions: sorry, I don't know what that means. I want something that is viewable from a laptop computer screen. Graphics: the photo we use on our homepage cannot be used again -- it is a picture of Shanghai, and we don't invest in that city. It's easily identifiable as Shanghai, so we need to change the photo. A more generic photo of property or skylines in CHina would be better. Many pictures, though, are of Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing, which have iconic buildings that easily identify the city to anyone who knows anything about China. Comment on the first two designs: the color scheme is too dark -- it's dreary. There's way too much text. I want the original text volume cut by 80% or more. The second design is just a minor modification of what we have -- I want a complete reworking. In other words, I want a creative designer to start over with our site, not simply touch up what we already have.
  • My first take, based on your original website concept Turned into a more elegant, sober, corporate and profesional new look and feel. I hope you like it. Best regards. jjy
  • Few things that are essential for me to progress on design: (1) What are your preferred choices of colors? (2) Are there reference sites that you like? (3) List some of your competitors sites? (4) Do you wish to have a logo? (5) What type of customers use, are likely to use your website? (6) What is the purpose of your website? These few guidelines will help me create a site that is strong in User Experience and has its usability in place. Waiting for your answers. Thank you.
  • Hi, which dimensions, colors you prefer for site?is there any example website you like as a reference? thanks,
  • No, the company doesn't have a logo.
  • do you have logo
  • There are a lot of good entries, but I think it's down to your submission and #23. I just need a little time to consider them both more closely.