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I'm looking to revamp my acting website, which is looking a little dated.  That would involve moving my reel, videos, resume, etc over to a sleeker more updated looking website.  And on a platform that is easy for me up to update (it isn't currently - requires some expertise).  
Thank you!

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  • There are definite changes I would want to make to the current design - I was only viewing that as a sample...
    • @robertfarrior what changes you want to make?

    • @robertfarrior can you close the contest and choose the winners? I think we should keep communication one-on-one. it is convenient.

    • @Jeanne HI Jeanne. My apologies here. I did not fully understand how the platform worked before I set up the contest. Your work is beautiful and I may well reach out to have you build the website, but I need to be more clear on what my agents & I need to the site so that I can communicate it. But I am not prepared to proceed at this time. Thank you and again, my apologies. You are very talented!

    • @robertfarrior that is, you are not ready to work now? my developer already writes the code for the site. We can make it ready and then change something or add in this style.

      In the future we will support your site. We will record a video, as you can change all the info. And we can do all changes and communication for free. The fact is that we have already started the development of the site (and I'm uncomfortable with the developer)). I would like to bring the site to the end, since we have already done a lot of work for this. and we are ready to dynamically make changes to your requirements.

      Give us a chance) we will bring the basic work to the mind, and then we'll make all the changes for free

    • @robertfarrior what do you think?

    • @robertfarrior what do you think?

    • @robertfarrior Okay. I'll wait for a comment from you)

  • Well, the design fee is what I had budgeted for the whole website to be up & running. But I realize it was my misunderstanding. How about we split the difference and I add $100? Also, I assume there would be communication between us as far as how it looks, what photos I use, layout, etc?
    • @robertfarrior Yes, I and the developer agree. You can tell any changes now in the design phase. At any time we will be able to change something or add

    • @robertfarrior So you can already choose the winners and I think we will finish work by the end of the week

    • @robertfarrior actually, we already started coding a website)

  • And I'm impressed that your English is so good! :)
  • Please check #27 . If you need any change then please inform me. I'll edit this as your instruction.
  • Hi.
    Please check #21 and let me know how is it. If you need any change then please inform me. I'll edit this as your instruction.
    Thank You.
  • Hi, my name is Sven and this is my design for your new site. Please tell me what you think about ist. I am available for any changes at any time! Best regards Sven Dressler #25
  • Usual #24
  • Black and gold #23
  • Hi, Robert. This is my vision. I tried to make everything modern and clean. I made it in three colors – black and white, black and gold, and usual. I made a responsive design for mobile devices. I used photos that I like, but I can replace them. If you like my style and my vision, I'm ready to make the changes, add something, and to work with you. I was thinking about animations – it would be cool if to put on the background the clippings from the movies. Now I put on the background static images from the movies, but if they moved...

    See this in full size.

  • I'll show my work today, thanks
  • Dear Mr. Farrior,

    I'm Sorina Bogdan and I'm happy to submit the design preview for your landing page. The reason why I went for this design is that I really liked the combination between the colors of your existing pictures and the color palette consisting of vibrant orange, grey and white. I believe it is highly suited for your field and helps create a unified identity.

    I also took into careful consideration your request to integrate the design into a platform that you can later update yourself - which is why I didn't include elements that would make the implementation difficult or impossible. Should you need more information on this, I would be more than happy to answer your questions or suggestions. Looking forward to your feedback!

    With kind regards,

    Sorina Bogdan #20
  • Dear Mr. Robert

    Please feedback my uploaded design #16,

  • I'll upload my work after 10 hours
  • aki
    Homepage design concept. #5
  • Hello,
    can you please take a look at my design and let me know your feedback.
    Thank You #4
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Can you please provide me the feedback for my design

    Thanks & Regards,
    Glaxon #10
  • Dear Mr. Farrior,

    Welcome and Thanks for the contest.

    Could you please make the contest blind, this way you get unique designs and designers don't copy each others's ideas.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • I'm waiting for your feedback. #1