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I'm looking to revamp my acting website, which is looking a little dated.  That would involve moving my reel, videos, resume, etc over to a sleeker more updated looking website.  And on a platform that is easy for me up to update (it isn't currently - requires some expertise).  
Thank you!

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  • Please check #27 . If you need any change then please inform me. I'll edit this as your instruction.
  • Hi.
    Please check #21 and let me know how is it. If you need any change then please inform me. I'll edit this as your instruction.
    Thank You.
  • Hi, my name is Sven and this is my design for your new site. Please tell me what you think about ist. I am available for any changes at any time! Best regards Sven Dressler #25
  • Usual #24
  • Black and gold #23
  • Hi, Robert. This is my vision. I tried to make everything modern and clean. I made it in three colors – black and white, black and gold, and usual. I made a responsive design for mobile devices. I used photos that I like, but I can replace them. If you like my style and my vision, I'm ready to make the changes, add something, and to work with you. I was thinking about animations – it would be cool if to put on the background the clippings from the movies. Now I put on the background static images from the movies, but if they moved...

    See this in full size.

  • I'll show my work today, thanks
  • Dear Mr. Farrior,

    I'm Sorina Bogdan and I'm happy to submit the design preview for your landing page. The reason why I went for this design is that I really liked the combination between the colors of your existing pictures and the color palette consisting of vibrant orange, grey and white. I believe it is highly suited for your field and helps create a unified identity.

    I also took into careful consideration your request to integrate the design into a platform that you can later update yourself - which is why I didn't include elements that would make the implementation difficult or impossible. Should you need more information on this, I would be more than happy to answer your questions or suggestions. Looking forward to your feedback!

    With kind regards,

    Sorina Bogdan #20
  • Dear Mr. Robert

    Please feedback my uploaded design #16,

  • I'll upload my work after 10 hours
  • aki
    Homepage design concept. #5
  • Hello,
    can you please take a look at my design and let me know your feedback.
    Thank You #4
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Can you please provide me the feedback for my design

    Thanks & Regards,
    Glaxon #10
  • Dear Mr. Farrior,

    Welcome and Thanks for the contest.

    Could you please make the contest blind, this way you get unique designs and designers don't copy each others's ideas.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • I'm waiting for your feedback. #1