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Winning design #7 by jjyepez, Website Design for Sales Tool Interface Contest
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designed by jjyepez

Project description

UPDATED: Wanted to simplify the contest.

The final widgets file should be submitted as a PSD.

This application is being designed for use on an iPad as well as a fixed width desktop layout. The same design will be used for both. There are several more screens to the overall application however the attached screen wireframes are the main ones we need designed.


PDF – This file shows the widgets we need designed.

We are looking for a design that is easy on the eyes very open with whitespace. The site will be touch friendly so design elements should have that in mind. The site will be full width on the iPad and should be designed to allow for fluid width for portrait vs. landscape screen orientation.

The color palate is as follows but gradients using these colors are accepted: #076324, #255B8B, #EBEBEB, #F57C00 (accent), Text: #555555

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  • Hey ddmemphis, I tried to make it very touchable. I used big buttons and still tried to keep it very minimalistic. I uploaded a green version and a bleu one. I personally like the bleu one more. What do you think? Yours sincerely, iTim
  • Hey ddmemphis, I made everything bigger and added an iPad layout around it. Regards, Tim
  • Ehm, Yep, sorry. This is actually widget number 4 in the Widgets PDF you provided firstly. :-) My mistake.
  • Is this the right image? You said the form widget.. To me that meant just a list of fields and labels
  • This is a take on the form widget requested. Hope you like it. Regards, -- jjy
  • Looks nice. I updated the Brief to hopefully simplify it. New PDF.
  • Revision on #3. Hope you like it. Regards, -- jjy
  • Thanks for the feedback, I'll be posting a revision on #3 in the next few minutes. Regards, -- jjy
  • Want to use this color as an accent color.
  • Like this. Don't think we need the left sidebar.
  • Hey ddmemphis, In this design I made the header blue and changed some of the details so it's a little cleaner. Thanks in advance. Tim
  • thanks! here is my revision without the "Your AppName" top bar and below bar and some minor revisions on the design.. .. thanks again!
  • Like how these are looking. One change however, In the new designs being submitted a top bar is included that says "My app" or "Your App" etc. with the blue color. Our site won't actually have those bars at the top and bottom so if you could move the blue color to the header that says "Create New Proposal" it will be more in line with what we are looking for. Thanks!
  • Hey ddmemphis, Uploaded the vertical designs for the home page and the create new proposal page. Regards, Tim
  • Hey ddmemphis, The design for the second page. I'm sorry for the spelling mistake. Regards, Tim
  • Hi CH, Did you like the blue shading on top & bottom? some icon can be revise again. looking forward working with you in the near future.thanks. Regards/WebStar
  • & #29, #28 For your consideration, Regards, -- jjy
  • Dear CH, Did you have the chance to view entry #30? Would you like me to add some glossiness to #7, like in #30? .. or Do I make the proposal set just like they are (#7-like)? Thanks in advance. -- jjy
  • Dear CH, I'm very glad you chose one of my designs. I'll be posting a complete set of proposals regarding to the one chosen so you can check it out carefully and ask me to fine tune it if necessary. Again, thanks a lot for the opportunity to serve you. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Dear CH, Sourcefiles have been sent, enjoy the results. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you. Best regards & success, -- jjy