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* * THIS PROJECT IS FOR A COMPLETED WEB SITE * * The winning designer will be REQUIRED to implement their design into a CMS skin/theme. The winning designer will be awarded additional $200 for implementing the design into the theme through One-on-One projects after the contest end. You can pick the CMS system you want to use, if you decide to make a theme. Just please run it by me and make sure it's ok. Jooma, wordpress, Dot Net Nuke are just fine, etc.. ***** The site is a live webcam of San Diego, California. It is at There will be a new video player on the site soon that adds buttons below the picture to let the viewer change radio stations. The rest of the site needs help. I'm looking for a theme that screams San Diego. Maybe in the BG, pictures of local icons, such as Pt. Loma Light House, Star of India, down town....I'm not sure what/how. it just needs to scream it if you know what I mean. Ideally, I would like 3 versions of the same style, so we can change which displays based on time of day. such as one for dawn/dusk, another for day time and another for night. Some of the things I like to keep: The rotating history factoid the weather a space for banners to rotate as they are now the local webacam tour page (click virtual city tour at the bottom) the san diego links page (also a great way to get ideas about local landmarks, icons, etc) the page counter to count "tourists" cruise ship schedule send your friend a link link to traffic link to random webcam of the world (I can help with these scripts BTW) also would like to have an area where we can tell them what they are seeing. It would be nice if we can figure out a way for that to change with the camera position. when I get time, I'm going to add a page that allows the viewer to watch time-lapse video from the last x hours at different angles. but that will not be up right now, however you may want to plan for it. not sure any questions, please ask me. thank you!

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  • I am in! if you have an eps logo and examples for the theme that you want it would be great Bernadette
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #3 is my first concept for your updated website. This design is a fully functional website used with Drupal CMS. This concept incorporates all of the aspects you mentioned in your brief with organization and style. This particular design is the "Sunset" setting, with a downtown view of San Diego as the background. If you choose this design, we would need to obtain the rights to use the photo shown in this concept. I wanted your website to stand out in a modern and fresh way. The overall style of this design is clean and organized and is up to date with modern website design trends. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Hello CH, I would like to know if you have a .png file for your logo? Thanks.
  • Dear Ch, About #2 This is my vision of the day page. I think it's so much clean and attractive. If you like this version, I will upload my night design. Many thanks!
  • Greeting CH, #1 My first concept, I have used all the given objects and arranged it with my thoughts, Content can be managed more nicely per your instructions, I also Able to provide the Theme into Joomla/Wordpress per your choice. Regards,
  • Maybe i'm too late. here is my template. 3 color theme. Thanks.
  • I actually looked into it, and there's actually a fully customizable wordpress plugin available. So it is possible to display the weather as it is shown in this design.
  • Hi CH. You can check for my design #27 and #28. I have fresh ideas for you. - New logo - New style and layout - Conditions day(#27) and night(#28). all set in a minimalist style, this consider access page. because if the entire page is filled with images of the longer will be waiting for visitors to view your site. Perhaps you understand about this. so please review and I am open to suggestions from you. Thank You. :) David Posspoint.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted both a daylight and night version of my design. I also Illustrated the background, which means you won't have to worry about purchasing stock photography or infringing upon any Copyrights. In regards to the "Send to a Friend" area, I have included social media icons which allow visitors to email the site to a friend as well as share the site on any social media they have an account with. I saw in an earlier comment of yours that you would be willing to use the same area for banner ads and history facts, so I put those two together to save space. We could always add another area if that's not to your liking. It's been a pleasure to participate. I hope you find just the design you're looking for! - nn4s
  • Thanks for the feedback. I redid most of everything. Went for a fresh, up to date look. I added some photos to the background which I think adds a nice San Diego feel. Arranged the sections to give a better layout of the info so it doesn't look as random, messy and disorganized. Also, I was thinking that you could have a couple different background images that could change whenever the user refreshed. Like a skyline, downtown, attractions, etc. I could show more bg images if you're interested. Also, the max width is 960px which is compliant with the most common browser resolution of 1024x768. Usually it is recommended to design under 1000px width so there is no horizontal scroll. Dimensions of the banners and video players are the same as your examples. Look forward to your thoughts.
  • Hi CH, Can you please extend the contest for few more days. Sorry being a late comer. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Dear Contest Holder, This design can easily be edited to fit the exact dimensions that your website requires, and the banner at the top can be converted to the 720px in a matter of minutes. The banner at the top (factoid) is the same banner used on your site, which rotates the history feed with the advertisement space. Design #8 is simply a screenshot with the history factoid instead of the advertisement (because it rotates). As far a the video player is concerned, we were able to import the new media player instead of the old one, we just haven't updated the screenshot to the contest yet. We will be able to upload the new screenshot by Monday night if you decide to extend the contest. We are currently out of town and unable to upload the most recent changes, but we would be more than happy to when we are back in the office by Monday. If you would like to see any other revisions, please do not hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Update - Decreased the total width from 1143 to 960 to fit browsers resolution (No Scroll) - Marked The (Logo, Ads, Banner, Historical Text area portions) with fixed size - Added social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, MySpace) Just Above the news - Removed the Black Back ground ( The Black L Shape) and kept it nice white background. Note: The portion dimension for the Media Player is "960x572" not "649x572" as shown on the guides. This isn't a Live WordPress/Joomla Template, It need to be converted to template, I can do that in a separate contest One-on-One is fine. Best Regards,
  • Ok, here's another look at the day view. The weather would rotate with the history bit. And you would have subpages for all the other stuff in the menu above the webcam feed. Also, I included the controls for the feed in nice orderly row.
  • Hey Contest Holder, and now what do you think about numer 18 and 19 ?
  • About #13. Sorry, I forgot tell you that the only thing must you do is add to the player a CSS border. However, I'll delete if you prefer. Many thanks
  • About #13. I don't understand the problem with the video player. The only thing I have added is de border, but it's exactly the same player of Would you delete the border or any special thing? Many thanks
  • I like the day/night thing you have going on and you are correctly using the player. My issue is from a distance the bottom part looks off somehow. maybe doesn't work with the background as well as it could.
  • It's a nice looking theme but other entries on here are submitting a day/night version.
  • a great looking template. I'm just not sure how it will work with the player we will be using. LOVE the day/night thing you got going on