Sex Kitten Costumes

thoroughly enjoyed my experience with designcontest and each day looked forward to looking at the new entries in my contest. The work was professional and creative and i would definately use this site again

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Winning design #34 by lostrise, Website Design for Sex Kitten Costumes Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lostrise

Project description

need a website designed,currently have a logo but need help with a website. Our costumes are sexy and fun and our theme is " we sell costumes for behind closed doors"

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  • the logo is already posted under the brief,it comes under extra files and is called picture2
  • please provide the logo. i'll submit my design soon.
  • i assume coding work means that I will be able to add in products myself once you have designed the initial page,if this is correct then i would like coding work please
  • "page detailing different products sold and ability to add products to page easily." is it for design only or including coding work ?
  • Could you supply a higher res logo, please? The one you supplied is really low res and a little blurry/pixelated.
  • Love this design,only prob i have with it is that my logo doesnt seem to fit in without looking cheap,can you try to incorporate it by perhaps making it fit across the top of the screen and without such a white background,perhaps lighter purple so that it stands out.
  • Please see entry number 9,I like the design of this page however i do like some of your pics and was wondering if you could please resubmit a new design. Like the way you used the pics that i submitted,if you are choosing a new pic for the front page i am partual to pics of sexy looking brunettes
  • this is my fav entry, was hoping that you could change a few things though and resubmit. 1- Any time sex kitten is written it is to be in blue the same blue as in our logo but the word costumes can be black 2-the postage should be free if over $100 not $150 as you have put 3-Love the way that you have made a description of the kitten costume however I would have to liase with you as to the item specifics as i dont stock that costume but love the front page 4- the blurb down the bottom still says the sweetspot and I need to be super careful of copyright 5- LOve what you have done done the right hand side,this is perfect 6- Need to liase with you as to what stock i have as for example you have listed dresses and i dont stock them, so could you change that to babydoll and make a section for pvc/leather also teddies, bondage gear, kinky restraints please see brief 7- please change the style of writing to the top logo so that it is the same as the logo in the brief
  • Hi CH pls let me know which elements do you like best so we can incrporate all teh elments that you like to a final design. Which color combination best suits you liking. Which upper header design Which main layout etc.
  • #13 - black background #14 - black background, top area concaved
  • #9 #10 #11 #12 new submissions can you pls check =)
  • Hi CH is it too late to submit? pls check if you liek my designs. I can further customize it based on your liking if needed. I tried my best to copy the feel and look of the brief sample site you posted. This is my first draft. Pls. advice. Thanks #5 #6 #7 #8
  • Hi CH, Design revised as per your comments.Please rate this designs & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • could you please also change this design so that the picture on the far left down the bottom is the picture of the catwoman suit that i have now included in the brief,move the pic that is currently on the far left to the middle and take away the girls in bikinis on the far right and replace with the lady in satin nightgown that i have now included in brief. also please take out wording that says check out our summer range and add a catchy phrase something like - enter your fantasy land in a flash,view our complete range of costumes
  • This design i would make my number 2 out of the designs that you have submitted only because the 3 girls seems a liitle to nice instead of sexy which is what I am aiming for
  • Hi there,this is my favourite design of the 2 that you have submitted but i was wondering if you could change it so that instead of it sayind Sex Kitten Costumes we sell costumes for behind closed doors that it just says Sex Kitten costumes costumes for behind closed doors
  • Hi CH, I submitted my 1st design in your contest.Please rate my design #1 & #2 & feel free to let me know the required changes you need in these designs.I used your provided logo, it would be better if you can uoload a high res logo in PNG/PSD format. thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • hey was wondering if you could please change the design so that the writing on the logo is a modern italic but not running writing, in the phone number part could you please make it so that the phone number is (02) 6643 5974-thankyou
  • Really loved the final design that i chose as the winning design, so my next question to you is can i hire you to help design the rest of the website and if yes what are your standard costs?
  • #33 text area with border #35 Image type ads on bottom #36 Image type ads concave sides #37 added your new image, added the new logo watermark on the image