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Winning design #25 by Pervinder, Website Design for Simple Web Design Contest
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designed by Pervinder

Project description

We want a web site design that is simple, clean and functional. We have a basic logo made - but our company is just getting off the ground and as such there isnt a ton of structure in place. We are not looking for anything fancy, just clear highly legible text, some basic but consistent design elements. The site design should include 3 pages - all with the same general structure, header and footer. This is my quick write up of what I am loosely picturing: Basic structure being header, main informational pane, then testimonials bar, then 3 small panes at the bottom advertising different related stuff and then the footer. The main page should show a pane about the concept in the large info area and then 3 upcoming events panes under the testimonials at the bottom. The second page being a calendar that shows a month worth of events (only a few days on the calendar need to actually have an event on them) in the main section. These events need 4 separate lines of identifying text: Town, barname, Artist Name, times. The 3rd page would have the artists 'bio'. A headshot of the artists, a short blurb, and a photo of one of his/her paintings. The bio page would also have testimonials about the artist within their info section.

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  • This is also a nice design imho. clean and straightforward, easy to follow. It is a bit overly grey, and also lacks the social element i think we need in the main area.
  • I like some of the changes here - the new image at the top is right on target, but the overall design is getting too dark and cluttered now for my taste. I preferred the brighter purple background and white space in the top pane from the first design. I also liked how the testimonials wrapped out into the margin.
  • About #7. Thank you very much for the feedback! I will send you a new one according to your advice.
  • This is a nice design. It is clean, well spaced and easy to follow. I do not like the top pane image or the 'get involved with colour' line, and I would really like to see the thin grey lines be changed to colors. The top menu bar should also be in color in my opinion. Please submit a revision! This is an excellent entry.
  • I do really like your top pane images here and the design of that pane, but the page is too much of an apple knock off. I need to at least see some light color on the page.
  • Dear Contest Holder #6, I think that is exactly what you want. Simple, clean and efficient. Thank you.
  • Thanks A lot CH, It will help me a lot to create a meaning full and good design output for you. Cheers Pervinder
  • Dear Contest Holdeer the updated version #5. Thank you.
  • Dear Contest Holder, regarding design #3, I understand that you like the event and testimonials panels. But please tell me if you like also the header and footer and if the content of the panels is right. Do you want to put pictures in some of the panels? And about the main panel do you think the idea is right? Or do you want a picture instead the graphic? Thank you.
  • Pervinder you asked: Can you please describe the project a bit more. I am little confused with present description. Is this related to training class for painting or something else. Essentially we offer a social painting 'class' where we provide the paints, easels, apron and the canvas (which customers get to keep when finished) and have a professional painter walk them through painting and actual painting brush stroke by brush stroke over a few glasses of booze and some laughs during an evening at a local bar. Please let me know what else I can answer
  • Also - I do not like the image you chose with the woman throwing the paint. It's too messy when coupled wigth an already messy logo. I'd like something that suggests more of a real artist at work especially if you can make it social...
  • There is a good use of the panes here that I had requested. I love the three clear events that you have front and center under the main pane. I am not crazy about the modern art splotchy background - it is too messy for me (I know that is in contrsta to the logo we chose but we do not want to overdo the messiness factor).
  • I love the bright distinct colors that you use and the general flow of the page. You are definitely on the right track. I would like the green you use to be darker and match the logo-green. Also I would like you to add 3 separate event panes above the testimonials section and make the testimonials pane only 1 testimonial tall. I do not like the cursive font you are using.
  • Dear Content Holder, Can you please describe the project a bit more. I am little confused with present description. Is this related to training class for painting or something else. Please let me know . Contest is interesting and I am very much interested to submit my designs. Thanks Pervinder
  • #3 and #4, maybe you like it better with white background.
  • Dear Contest holder #2. Regarding the logo, I need the project files to incorporate into the black design.
  • Pervinder - No need to direct ping me. I'm sorry - I just got the email from designcontest that explained that we should use this space for the next 7 days to get things straightened out. I will post my detailed requests shortly.
  • Pervinder - i do have minor changes to request on your design and I would like the two additional page designs I specified in my brief. you can ping me direct dan at mylazybones dot com if you have any questions.
  • Thank you to all who participated - these were all excellent designs and I appreciate it.
  • Can I see this with a different color top bar (purple) and background (white?)