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designed by dami2003

Project description's goal is to provide a very simple utility to upload and share pixels (images, screenshots, photos, etc.). Unlike other similar services, does not require any account creation / login process. The site lets users upload their files in three ways: either by pasting content from the clipboard (something unique to this service), by drag and dropping a file or by using a standard file chooser. You can already try the service out by visiting The design will have to be clean and reflect the simplicity of the website. The design will have to include a "page not found" image, favicon and optionally a simple logo. If you would like, you can design two "views": one default, and one when the user is dragging/dropping a file. Feel free to check out a subset of similar competing sites:,,,,

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  • jordan7239: sorry for the confusion in my previous message, I thought you had submitted the first entry but it was Rajakas. To make this clear, you only need to submit the design for the home page. I would also like to see "variations/overlays" to the home page when you are about to drop a file and when the submit button shows up.
  • Asimov: you could also consider replacing the arrows with something like dots. Have a look at this link: i like the blue color choice (and combining two flavors of blue without any white or black around it). It makes things look very modern yet elegant.
  • Rajakas: I like the hands/leg style, but I'm not sure how they will blend if you simplify things...
  • I think it's important to keep the "paste from clipboard" and "drag n drop" hints visible at all times. This is what differentiates my service from other similar services. I also think you should have a view when the drag'n'drop is happening...
  • Hello CH. I like your ideas of simplicity and I offer you a decision to make the design even more simple - optional showing of tips. The picture consists of both stages. And sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand me.
  • Also, could you please tell your opinion about the hands/leg style? If I would stick to them (with a little corrections of course) and lighten/change the main body, would that be something worth doing?
  • Thanks about the feedback. Thought it will be a bit too heavy for you. I will see what I can do.
  • Too artistic, does not meet criteria for simplisity.
  • Thanks for your entry. Yes, just the design elements is what you need to provide. I think your design is very well executed from an artistic point of view. However, I feel that it does not reflect the simplicity & elegance of the service. Is there any way you could keep some of your ideas while still keeping things clean & web 2.0-ish & simplistic?
  • I'm assuming you will want just the design elements and a mock up of the web page, not the actual updated xhtml? Sorry if this a dumb question I'm new to designing for web.
  • Hi, Ive made the requested icons. Ive seen dami's very-very .. similar work, I will do my best. Regards, winters
  • By adjusting the alignment and adding a few more touches, the design is much more elegant. I can easily add some share icons as well upon request (twitter, facebook, ect...).
  • I will work on Favicon, but I'm not clear about adding text "choose" on the top left. Where exactly should that be??
  • i think the icon could just be the 3 squares about the i?
  • i like your newer design better.
  • i like your newer design better.
  • same here
  • i like your newer design better. Keep the file not found though :)
  • i like you newer design better.
  • not convinced by the clipboard + file chooser icons. Everything else is fine.