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Winning design #16 by csschimp, Website Design for Site Redesign Contest
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designed by csschimp

Project description

Basically, I am looking for you to reference fundly(.)com or firstgiving(.)com and present a design that is clean and exciting and have the same features those sites offer. Homepage, Profile Page, Signup - Create a Page , how it works page. \\r\\n\\r\\n

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  • Hi, 1.Cam you give us the logo like a vector or png because now is a jpeg format and the quality is too poor to use it. 2.What is the name of the site? Thank you. dthais
  • I have shared my Logomark. I do not have a current site. Please use the 2 sites provided as a guide.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Does this contest involve code and implementation as well, or is this strictly a design contest? Do you have your logo in .png format? Also, is it possible to share your current website so that I can reference what information you will be needing to display in your new website? The more information you provide, the better the designs you will receive. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Looks good. Very similar to though. please change the red over the stat counter to blue as in the logo. and make the donate button green.
  • Good evening CH, All the elements can be change according to Your comments. Also, if You don't like the colors, I can change that. Have a nice day! Vilma
  • No Code. Just PSD. HTML/CSS would be nice, but not required.
  • Dear contest holder Do u need design in Psd or Code? Thanks.
  • This design is very busy. Wrong direction. Please keep it simple and clean.
  • Not looking for a copy of the other sites.
  • Thanks for your action :) I also felt bad after submitted #13. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Hi CH, I have submitted 2 different styles for your site #12 and #13, while submitting the design #13 I saw someone else has a similer idea used already but my design is a bit different anyway. Looking forward for your next step. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Love the background. Can you do one with the layout as seen on firstgiving(.)com ? I want to compare the 2 and make a desison.
  • have a look at firstgiving(.)com
  • Please take a look at the background on number 11 for what i'm looking for. Notice the starburst effect. that fades as you scroll down the page. its really good.
  • Hi CH, Please find attached the design #11 as per your comments I had changed the background and made it lighter Thanks, CSS Chimp
  • Webstar, please resubmit your first design, but drop the cash icon in the top right. Looks cheesey. also the background is not good. You can try a alightblue with a faint sunburst effect, but less is more. Also please use standard FB, T, In icons. The ones that you have used do not fit the design.
  • I like where this is going. I'd like to see a lighter background on this. But this is good!
  • Hello, here is a design with changes as You requested. Also I changed a little the content layout with right side (here are small donation form and top causes) and left side (here are news & events, facebook and twitter like tabs). I used the picture in donate form. I can buy it. Regards, Vilma
  • rdl
    Hello, Develop a layout that conforms to the specifications, I hope you enjoy.
  • Hi, Thanks for the nice feedback. and sure we can do more changes as per your like and let me know the changes Thanks, CSS Chimp