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Winning design #67 by grania, Website Design for SNOW / Massage Therapy by Snow Contest
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designed by grania

Project description

Introducing Snow signature massage and her home-made body cream with her story, philosophy, and services. The image of the website as well as business is a snow day --- happy, exciting, escape from daily life, indulgence in serenity in the snow country. My signature colors include snow white, tarcoise blue, orchid pink, silver, gold. The business caters exclusive high-profile clients.

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  • @snow - yes, you will be able to do that! Do not worry.
  • Hi Vickyb... I will pay extra to ask your tech people to code at the end. I should be able to do that, right?
  • Ardianet - Always .psd files only. You never need to deal with coding in a web design contest.
  • Hello Ardianet. Answering to your question, it is not necessarily fully animated. I just like the feel of the example website: pretty, fun, detailed... It can include photographs, designs. Regarding the coding, Psd file is fine
  • Hi CH, Some question : from the example website, it show animation. Do you intended to make yours fully animated too ? is it design only or need to be code to ? Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your comment. I tried to follow your remarks on this design#6 & #7. please rate these designs & feel free to comment for necessary changes.thanks. Regards,LittileMaster
  • Hi CH, Please let me know if the design is on the right track. Thanks!
  • Just remember that my colors include white, tarcoise blue, orchid pink, silver and gold. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to the change and new entries
  • Hi, I like your designs but I would like the website to function the same way as You will notice he has a background image that doesn't change for all category pages. My massage style is a western massage in an eastern setting so I see the background image being a luxurious, exclusive Japanese tea room that has a window showing the beautiful snow outside or a luxurious Japanese zen type tea ceremony setting. Ultimately I want the content for each category page to overlay the background image like This should be more visual than content based.
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your kind comment on my design.I changed the images in Design #2 & #3 as per your comment. please rate these design & feel free to comment for required changes. thanks. Regards,LittileMaster
  • Hello LittleMaster. Thank you for your posting. I'm so excited about the posting. Could you change the photo image of buildings and a girl (I assume that's me) into a Christmas-like beautiful and serene snowy day image. Can be illustration.
  • Hello CH, This is my 1st design in your contest. Please rate this design & tell me what type of changes you want in this design. Thank you. Regards,LittileMaster
  • Thank you Oleksandrm. I added another example website. All I want is a homepage. Looking forward to a beautiful sophisticated design
  • I have submitted 30/31/32 for your home page. They are a sequence of 3 frames showing a simple but conceptual animation. The white snow descends on the wooded scene, leaving the protagonist to be massaged in the forefront. The choice of black and white is to give an atmosphere of peace and style. Hope you like!
  • Ch Please see my design #29.i did lots of changes Thanks Rooni
  • ohi
    #27 with snowflakes #28 without snowflakes and more bluesky :)
  • About #26 Here my new layout. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks.
  • Thanks for changes. I have further requests Please make bunnies more subtle? Don't like the one on the right hand definitely Love the lady lying down in #24 because of a name tag hanging there. Can you think some modification about the lady with green eye shadow makeup? Focus should be the masseuse and my hands, not the lady lying down Love the design either 24 or 25. Looking forward th improvement. Thanks!
  • About #25 Hello CH, thanks for your comment. This is my new layout. Best regards.
  • Thanks for the change. I have further modifications to suggest. Arrange the squares like #16 to make a focus in the center Don't like a tree on the right side since it draws my attention. More snowflakes Love the letter style on the boxes in #16. Can you try? Also let's try without being too colorful Can a couple of snow bunnies running in the backdrop Thank you. Looking forward to it