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Winning design #32 by RomyAzka, Website Design for - Ad Network for Software, Firefox Addons, Android Applications, and IE Addons Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RomyAzka

Project description

The site's design should have the same feeling as the logo. We should have simply two big buttons (blue and green): I'm an Advertiser, I'm a Publisher with short text below each explaining: "I want more people to install my product" and "I want to get paid by bundling hand picked products with my product" Below should be a one-liner motivational slogan: “ Ad Network for Software, Firefox Addons, Android Applications, and IE Addons.” on the top bar and bottom bar we should have a contact us or about the company. Everything should communicate professionalism and simplicity, no strings attached and no hidden catch - we pay what you deserve on time, we give you the best service for your money. These are the links to the logo: (logo icon can also be to the left of the logo text)

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  • Hi ch in my previous designed the top navigation bar was not symmetrical now in design #4 i have adjust it and and i also have added search site button
  • Dear Contest Holder i have made a design with the concept of publishing in mind, i tried to make it clean and eligent as per your requirement. please review and let me know about your precious comments. regards Xpiderz Designs
  • Dear CH, Please check out my design. Try to open it in a full view. I hope you like it. Tell me if I can make any adjustments for you. Thank you.
  • Ch please check our work thanks
  • Hi, This is another version. Please check and reply. Thanks,
  • Hi, This is another version of #14 with a different header. Please tell me if you need any changes in this versions. Thanks,
  • Hi, Please check my design and please give me a feedback. Thanks,
  • Greeting CH, My 3rd Entry, Darker Theme, Clean and Sharp :)
  • Dear CH, This my revised version of #7. I polished everything, added some glare, shades and modified the layout a bit. Please let me know if I can make any other adjustments for you. Your Brief shows that you don't need too much content on the page, so the slider with testimonials below the icons is optional. I hope you like it. Thank you.
  • new entry..,
  • hiCH, see my design and let me know what else you are looking for Thanks! Raj
  • its good to give us some feedback that what you like and what you didn't or what else you want in the design. it will be easy for us to work on your design.. regards Xpiderz Designs
  • please see my design #34, and give me feedback for revision, thank you..
  • Hi CH, In this version of design I used soft-glassy, clean, and web2 look. Main concept of the middle image is, Advertiser and Publisher meeting together in the platform of SoftPublisher. Here the blue figure locating Advertiser and the green figure locating Publisher. Here I used soft color combination and corporate font to get the corporate look and feel. Please check and tell me if you need any changes in this design. Thanks,
  • also can you maybe try to add little people like from the design #22 and #23
  • The design is great. Just a few comments: - Please add a MS Windows icon in addition to the android/firefox/ie icons. - Please remove the search box and the icons bellow it. - Please remove the icons and links on the top right (partners, etc.) -make the logo and its text a bit bigger, and the text a bit more space between the letters -change the text "i want to get paid by bnundling hand picked products with my product" to "I want to get paid by promoting other products." -text1 should be title "PowerPack" -text2 should be title "Firefox Addons" -text3 should be title "AddonFox" -text4 should be title "Android"
  • Hi CH, I have sent the files. If you still need a revision again, please let me know again. the files sent are: - Icon Pack - Png Pack - PSD File - JPEG Display File. Thank You Best Regards, Romy Azka.
  • Hi RomyAzka, Please send us a revision with the following changes: - in the text under the publisher button, try moving the word "promoting" to the next line - PowerPack is one word with a large P and P - Please design a better icon for PowerPack. The icons doesn't feel conected to "power" and is too pink. - please remove English (US) from footer - plz also create a version of the login box that is after the user logs in - I meant that it should say something like, Tom is signed in. - the text at the bottom four sections should be larger (its tiny) - remove the period at the end of the main slogan - the four titles at the bottom should be centered in their section + the title should be darker (not light gray) Best wishes, Yotam
  • Dear CH, I've upload the Display WebDesign Revision, if this is Fix, I'll upload all files such as My First Uploaded files. Thank You. Best Regards, Romy Azka.