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Winning design #54 by Jewel, Website Design for Super Nerds - SmartPhone and Tablet Repair Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jewel

Project description

a website I would like to compare to would be:

Main goal is to direct customers to call their nearest Super Nerds location to speak with a technician.  also it needs to be mobile responsive.

We are a smartphone and tablet repair store that can fix any smartphone or tablet. We use the best quality parts on the market, so we back our parts with a life-time warranty. 

I uploaded a "Mail in Form" that I would like customers to be able to download and print for Mail-in orders.

company highlights:

certified technicians with years of experience
quality parts backed with a life-time warranty
fast turn around time (most repairs 20 minutes)

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  • About #54, @Jewel can you add a small BUY SELL TRADE REPAIR banner, I will select you the winner once we have a final copy
    • About #54, @wbrevels actually, if we have a scrolling front, the next slide should be about BUY SELL TRADE

  • About #54, @Jewel can we change the locations on the top right to bold red lettering, keep the numbers gray unbold
  • if you have some advice for my work,please let me know...thank you #36
  • I would like to add a small link to download the Mail-In Form #51
  • can you bold the locations at the top please #51
  • About #51, @Jewel will you update the picture of the iphone to iphone 6? also, add links to LinkedIN, facebook, twitter and google + and yelpon the bottom right corner of the page
  • About #49, @wbrevels Hi there, I know nothing about smartphones. So what is the newest blackberry?
    • @Jewel you can change it to a colored nokia lumia 1520

  • About #31, @jack4047 I would like to remove the "call us" and "email us" link, and just leave "make an appointment today" with the locations listed at the top. no other links should be present.

    I do not want to list a percentage discount, just that we offer a discount for those people.
  • i hope you will like improved version of website kindly provide me feedback sir and Sir i am able to do coding as well i will not charge much i can do coding in 250-300$ waiting for your valuable response thanks #50
  • About #38, @rahuldubey looking for something more simple, We are on a lower budget and code not afford to code this entire site. Also, our pricing is different between locations and rapidly changing, so we would like a low maintenance site that directs the customer to call and speak with a technician
    • About #38, @wbrevels : Hi, Thanks for giving me rating and i would i like to tell you that i will be coding this website in wordpress and also as i have excellent experience in SEO too , I will be making it more mobile and SEO friendly . i will be doing this website in wordpress and also will be sending you doc.(How to work from backend) so that even you will be able to make changes by yourself . My charges will be very low for future maintenance . Also here is the link which has been created by me and also i did SEO and if you will search "iPhone repair san diego" you will see this website on first page of google . Link :

      Looking forward for your response .

      Feel free to ask any question or query you have . As i have tried to cover everything which is required for user , mobile and seo friendly design but please do let me know if any changes are required .

      I will code this website within 3 days of your permission .

  • Hello Sir this is improved version as you mentioned i have put three address tab in bottom please provide me response again i am waiting #48
  • Updated.

    Letme know if you need anykind of adjustments or customizations. #47

    thank you
  • Here is the design with the new samsung. #46
  • Here with more phones. #34
    • About #34, @Jewel would prefer newer phones, ie. Note 4, galaxy s6, (s3 is old) and would like you to code this as well

    • About #34, @Jewel Also, our location hours might be useful. at the bottom of the page with the tabs

      SouthPark Mall - Strongsville:
      Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
      Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

      Franklin Park Mall - Toledo:
      Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
      Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

      Tower City Center - Cleveland:
      Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

  • About #12, @locreative we do not want to have to manage messaging, we want the customers to call and speak with a technician instead of a messaging system
  • About #27, @webgraphics007 I would like 3 location tabs at the bottom of the page, and would like to direct people to call and speak with a technician instead of filling out a form.
  • About #37, @iNoesis clean design, nice and simple.. but the top images are out dated.
  • Hi there....
    Here is another new version for your contest have a look and let me know if you want any further changes.
    awaiting for your feedback.

    Regards. #45
  • plz let me know if u want to make any changes , and i can code u this page for you if you like , please let know. #44