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Winning design #50 by vasili, Website Design for Surfside Urgent Care needs an awesome website Contest
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designed by vasili

Project description

1) need a dynamic web site that describes the location (325 5th Ave Suite 204 Indialantic, FL 32903), phone: (321)821-4889, (hours) Monday through Friday 8a-7p Saturday 9a-4p
2) need a map to location (link)
3) need to be able to add in zip pass for preappointments
4) need to be able to offer coupons
5) must incorporate Logo (see attached)

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  • Hello Surfside I make the logo bigger , I pointed out logo on the top and make it in center above the slider .
  • Re#2-- can't seem to get slider bar to work on this computer-my apologies--to rate-I'd suggest 75% for #2 and 60% for #1. Would like a bit more prominence to logo (like where the doctor bar is for the coupon-? centering the logo more-so the person(who may even be surprisingly elderly)who clicks onto site knows exactly which urgent care they are looking up. Thx-I'm at work and will try again to get the slider bar to work and properly rank...
  • Re:code -type still pending will let you know ASAP.
  • Bernadette- design and code. "dynamic" meaning conveying positive action-we are promoting health and treating illnesses/injuries rapidly-hope this helps!
  • Thx for logo and tabs/map- the large pic of person looks more like dental office-can you incorporate more medical/doctor pic?
  • I like this very much - good colors and easy to understand tabs as well as map link.
  • Hello Surfside hope you like the design if you need some change just let me know .
  • About #1 , A simple yet elegant design with a slider as it`s main feature. Lots of areaseas for different information and the posibility to add widget ( such as facebook likes box or twitter feed) The design looks basic because the lack of information but once you provide more details about what you want on the website it will look more and more professional. Alex
  • Hi, Do you need a design only or design and code? and what kind of code will u need (please explain "dynamic" as mentioned in brief) thanks Bernadette
  • Hi CH, Do you have EPS file for your logo? Thanks
  • #3 Looks much better-appreciate change! #4 This looks more like a dental office-we don't do teeth:))perhaps some more prominence with the logo too.. #5 thanks for submissin idea- This design is busy-we will most likely not hae video/news sections-part of our clients are very elederly and have only basic computer use-can you arrange for less cluttered look? Thx! We all appreciate your efforts. BTW- the slider bar for this site does not work for proper ranking.
  • Dear Surfside, As per your feedback here I modified some items of #4 entry template. The followings are: 1. Try to make logo prominent. But it should be better if you provide the original logo file (i.e. .eps format or in other format ) 2. Use a texture in background with a plus sign related to your website concept. 3. In navigation part you can achieve these effects by just using CSS only. The concept behind this is: When one page is selected then the respective tab will be blue and the font color will be changed to white. 4. Next part in the design there will be a slider where different types of banner will appear automatically as per your needs. 5. Then there will be three placeholders: one gives the idea of your company to website viewers, second one gives the idea of what type of services that you are provided and the last one helps users to locate your company easily. 6. At the bottom of your website there will be an option for reappointments for your existing patients and the contact us section. 7. In the footer part there will be an option for face book, twitter ….that we are social. Thanking you, Synectics Tech
  • Hi CH, About #5 I have removed videos/news as requested. Thanks
  • Slight color modifications. regards Bernadette
  • Hello Surfside Added the social media buttons..........
  • regarding the slider rating, i suggest you try another browser, not sure what's the problem though goodluck Bernadette
  • A cleaner, fresher approach. Photos/images can be changed. Look forward to your thoughts.
  • Love your design, but could you please put the phone number and address in the spot where you have a logo beneath the large logo? That space is redundant anyway, so use it for contact info.
  • My another idea-design. I think it is look very nice and I like it very much... Hope you like it :)
  • I put the logo on the right side and make it bigger and i change the pictures . Hope you like it now . Please let me know if there anything to change . Thanks Aleksandar