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Project description

Website requirements:
1. The design must be minimalist (a German concept design). Lean but with persuasive contents; a bit mix of sophistication since our products are German made.
2. “Quality” must be integrated on the design concept. 
- We want to convey to the Doctors that our products are very safe and reliable to use, make them comfortable with the quality of the products. The website is our key interface in interacting with them and upon visiting to our website, they will have an impression that Surgikor is a company with technology and quality. This is the image we intent to.
3. Surgikor is an implant manufacturer for a global market and not for local dental clinic, so the design must target the global audience and not specific to just a certain region.
4. Website design must be well thought-out deserving for top-of-line products intended for professionals like dentist or dental practitioners. 
5. Page lay-out of must be neat, with good spacing and not too much stuff or clutter.  
6. Design of the web pages must fit on the screen resolution. No scroll-downs. (1 inch more is tolerable).
7. You may checked and used Straumann website, Nobel Biocare and Bio Horizon as references but our website must have its own unique user experience.

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  • Laptop Mockup. #22
  • This is the website designed with Upcoming Courses, Events, and Software Training in the Menu.

    This theme presents a strong and unique branding opportunity designed to compliment your logo.

    Thank you!
    Erik #21
  • Mobile responsive. #17
  • Laptop (bootstrap 3 guideline). Any remarks, let me know. #14
  • This is a version without all of the links in the footer. Definitely much cleaner. #2
  • Thank you for being patient, it was important to me that I had a strong solution for the menu and minimal design before I uploaded anything. I had a lot of fun working out an organized, clean, and intuitive system for navigating through the many categories of your menu bar. I believe I was able to demonstrate how the concept would function but if I was unclear in any part of it please let me know.

    I wanted to keep the design of the website very neat, with a very clear message of competence, sophistication, and quality. Keeping everything above the fold (on the screen before you scrolled) made great sense for this site.

    I’ve designed a large footer for faster site navigation with a link to the Full Site Map where directories to the Conical Connections Pages and Hex Connection Pages (as a subcategory of Implants) and other examples written in product_detail.pdf would be found.

    I included text and contact information from your current website. Those are placeholders for now. Make sure you check out the design in full size view to see the website and the menu bar demonstrations, I've cropped the laptop mockup for the thumbnail. Hopefully I haven’t missed anything(:

    Thank you!
    Erik #1
  • can you make blind contest? this will be good for originality and best results. please consider
  • Hello,
    Is this design only contest, or do you need coding too ?
    • @Tarantula1 This is a web design only contest. We will arrange separately the coding.