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designed by sd

Project description

Hello freelancers. 

Company Name is TB Moving Inc.
We are located in NY and NJ. We are providing full relocation services (Moving and storage) for Local and Long Distance customers. 

We need design of first page (Main page), please see the wireframe pdf attached.  Company already have own design of logo and we have wrapped our trucks. Therefor you will need to work on base of origin design. 

We prepared wireframe for you so all coments and contents already included.   

I attached websites which I like and I don't like so hopefully it will help you to understand what we are looking for. 

Please feel free to reach me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your attention. 

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  • @Tbmoving
    are you still looking for the best design for your website? If this is still open, I'd be happy to hear it.
  • sd
    Here is the menu of mobile version, please check this and give me your feedback on this.

    Thanks #116
  • sd
    Here is the mobile version of the homepage, please check and give me your feedback on this.

    Thanks #115
  • sd
    Here is the update version based on your comment, please check the design and give me your feedback on this.

    Thanks #114
  • Try to add some other image. I want to make sure we will be able to put real images. Maybe will be great to use something with gray color. #98
  • Here is my final for mobile menu section. #112
  • Take of this rout. just leave red flags and address #98
  • Use background and letters and fonts as I send you a image you can take it from apple.com #98
  • @Tbmoving..............
    good luck... ............
  • Add folder Home .......... #98
  • Add folder Home .......... #98
  • Make more quality every letters on a website . #98
  • Add (or request a call)))))) #98
  • Add (or request a call)))))) #98
  • Ad word letters for NY 718.717.8797 NJ 201.777.3989 #98
  • Just changed some fonts and styles. #111
  • Hello,

    I just made some small changes and made the background more brighter as you requested. Also, don't forget to check the mobile version I uploaded earlier. As you can see, the design is 100% responsive and everything you need is shown in mobile and web versions. Let me know if you need any changes on the web or mobile versions.

    Thank you
    Bibin #106
    • @99bibin Will update with mobile menu working page in a while.

    • @99bibin stop mimic me

    • @FullHeads lol. You serious?

  • Hello,

    Here is how menu works. When visitor click on 'menu' button home page slide to right and menu appear like this. After clicking "close" icon in top right corner, the menu close and visitor came back to home page. Hope you like it. Please give rating and feedback.

    Thank you
    Bibin #110
  • one option with side form... #94, #95. (input form fields can change a bit depending on service - this one is for moving,.. for packing lets say, it would add up - volume (in cubic feet) ; For commercial - a floor in witch office is, check point for cargo elevator, , etc.. this should be more convenient for your front-office to deal with quotes.)
    I have good ideas about inner pages, also have made mobile version for you, but as it is a tendency of copping on this contest, i would like to present my ideas for inner pages and mobile layouts only on finalization phase or blind option.
    In general, contest first stage is for choosing a designer to work with, and finalization process is for dealing with all the details with selected designer. Because now its like a race here, not about quality and ideas, but about quantity... I haven't let down any client that chose me and I'm willing to work with you, are You? Hope you understand my position.

    Kind regards,
    FullHeads #94
    • @FullHeads thank you so much for your work. I want to be honest with you. I am trying to make my decision between you and three other designers. To finalise my decision I would like to see mobile version on base of image #90. Please let me know when you can have it. Thank you

    • @Tbmoving
      ok, i will upload mobile version a bit later, for tomorrow, so you have time to ask me some alterations if you wanted, but there will be not too much time for copycatting. hope that ok with you.

    • @Tbmoving #107#108#109 I uploaded some mobile drafts. I used such things as "click to call" buttons. In my personal experience on service i operate locally, this works awesome, we got more than 200% calls from mobile users, and funny thing is , that as i made buttons more integrated in design , more esthetic, they performed not so well as chunky ones... and as you know, if you have good front office and got a call, you most likely have a client. this is just a personal notice. this part could be changes to traditional one.

  • sd
    Please check the mobile version and let me know your feedback on this.

    Thanks #102