The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders

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We are looking to completely revamp our website: We would like the website to appear professional, clean, and modern while presenting information to patients and potential patients in such a way that is easy to understand. The website itself should be easy to maneuver, but still be aesthetically pleasing :) We believe that our current website design is too wordy and the new one should be more dynamic.

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  • Hi @eesslingercvvd

    Please check my last updated work #23 #24 #34 #35 #36 and make sure to see in full size,
    Made a mobile version too,

    What i will submit :
    - Premium Stock images will be provided with the source files
    - Free logo design
    - Hover and Pop up effect #43
    - Free Google fonts used
    - Design of ALL the other pages!
    - Mobile version for all pages

    If you need any changes please let me know, happy to help.

    Thank you.
  • Mobile & Monitor preview, Responsive design. #53
  • Hi sir
    I edited it as you asked

    - It's clean, modern and professional.
    - The fonts are Google Fonts so they are indexable plus easy to code and the overall design is very visual.
    - based on the 960 grid system .. it will look great on both big & small monitors

    you can see it full version here:

    please give me rate & feedback
    Ahmed. #48
  • Mobile look #46
  • Monitor look. #45
  • Monitor look #44
  • New updated different concepts.
  • pop up for the media section #43
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.


    Regards/WebStar #42
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.


    Regards/WebStar #41
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.

    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #40
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.

    Regards/WebStar #39
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.


    Regards/WebStar #38
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.

    Any remarks please let me know.


    Regards/Webstar #37
  • Another navbar example with links in purple background and address + phone details at top,
    facebook page link added to the side top. #36
  • New nav-bar style with phone and address #35
  • Added Facebook link at top #34
  • Hey there!

    I am an experienced Webdesigner with over 6 year’s experience.

    I believe I am well qualified to take the project and do my best to get what you're looking for.

    Please check my work #1

    Waiting your feed-back.

    Why choose working with me ? :
    - My work is well organized following Bootstrap guide line using Google fonts.
    - Free logo design provided with the work files.
    - I am sure i can provide you with High quality results that will fit your needs.
    - I pride my work on being professional, and always deliver on time.
    - This work is 100% made specially for this project, and its not a template.

    Othman Attaf
    • @Coolldesigner Thanks for your submission! I like how it looks very clean and organized. Because our practice deals primarily with a female patient population, I think it should be more tailored to women. For example, I'm not too sure about the main picture of two men looking into a microscope. A more feminine picture would be better, or even pictures of Washington, DC and New York City. I think we would prefer that the website by less sterile looking, and more warm and inviting. I enjoy the blue/teal tones, but think we would prefer more color. Also, we do not currently have a twitter account or newsletter, so the bottom links should be changed. We do have a Facebook page, if that helps :) Thank you!!

    • @eesslingercvvd can u give link to your FB page, please

  • Hey again,

    Please check my latest updated designs #23 #24
  • Hi, @eesslingercvvd

    Am working on a new template.