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Winning design #7 by pdwork, Website Design for TOBE Sistemas de Informacao - Task management Contest
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designed by pdwork

Project description

Dear All,

We are a software development company located in the African market (more specifically in Angola) and we develop custom made software for small banks for more than 20 years.
We want to develop a ligth and easy version of a Task Management System.

The system will have 3 main screens:

Screen 1 - 

This screen has 3 columns 

Column 1 - To DO - Lists the actions the users has to perform

Column 2 -  Doing - Lists the tasks are waiting by na action perform

Column 3 – Done - Lists the tasks that are already completed 

     Notes: It should be easy to distinguish a task from na action.

                It should be easy to distinguish the action status:

                On going but not exceed the deadline

                On going but exceed the deadline


Screen 2 – New Task

            Popup to create a new task


Screen 3 - Create Actions

After create the task the user should create the action(s) associated with this task. One task may have one or multiple actions.

Notes:  The multiple actions created inside a new tasks should be showned as a grid

Waiting for your offers.

Thank you and good work.

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  • Please Check Another Version #30
    • @pdwork r u able to send us html and css?

    • @luisdiastobe Yes, I can do that.

    • @luisdiastobe Hi Sir do you have any update for me ? Should I start working in the coding!! Please Advise Best Regards Prakash

    • @pdwork Yes please. How long will it take?

    • @luisdiastobe Dear Sir, Thanks for your confirmation. You will get the update within the next 24-48 hours.

    • @luisdiastobe Dear Sir, HTML is done for your screen. But I can't Submit HTML Files because there are no Submission/Send Button. Please Advice Best Regards

    • @pdwork must charge him extra for the hard work & effort....html and css is not part of the brief,

    • @pdwork Besides that we need some ideas to make a search of action/task in each column (To-Do, Doing, Done), can u gives us some example of a search "box" inside each column?

  • 3rd screen. Thanks #50
  • 2nd Screen #49
  • Please view first screen and let me know your feedback. Many Thanks #48
  • Please view my first screen design and let me know your feedback. Many Thanks #47
  • working on your project, please extend contest days.
    Thank you!
  • revised version 2 #42
  • screen 1-2-3 #41
  • Here is the second iteration for the same designs without the round edges. #40
  • Hi ,

    here is my first proposal for your main screen .

    the three different tasks types (To-do, doing and done) have been given three different colors to easily identify.
    Task date is prominently displayed and times has its own icon.

    Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks. #39
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  • I have attached 3 page here in this design. #18
  • Kindly review and provide feedback. regards #11
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  • Dear client,
    This is my design submission for this contest. I have made this design as per your brief and provided Attachment.

    Please rate this design and feel free to let us know the required changes you want in this design, So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind feedback.

    Thank you! #6