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Listings and reservations on privat touristic pensions. I will need: Index page: reservations form (aka bookings.com, venere.com), latest listings, recomended listings, maybe a clickable map, special offers, etc... Pensions listings: list pensions by city, with a compare checkbox, price / night, a thumb, etc... Pension detail: name, large thimb, small thumbs, video presentation, description, reservation form, etc ...

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  • Thanks CH already working on it.
  • Hi Danitz, no coding here. Just the design delivered in PSD format. Thanks for your comment and hope to some designs from you as soon as possible! Good luck!
  • To Contest Holder Will the work include coding? or just the design?
  • Dear CH, Please have a look at my design #7 Thanks & Regards, JagoDesign
  • I can upload it, its just i do not want you to just copy the same design, and adding your flavor. I want your ideeas, not mine... It was put here just to see what kind of work i expect, not to be a inspirational work. Hope i am making myself very clear with that.
  • Dear CH can you upload the sample you have given in the brief, so we can download it instead and refer to it, its really bit hard to look at the sample given.
  • Guys, i am expecting quality work... I wont spend one dollar on a design just because i have to .. i prefer to have a winner that delivers quality.
  • No matter the language, it will be translated by me in romanian and other languages. You can deliver in english ...
  • Dear CH its late when I saw your given example and I already started on something, I am submitting it anyway to know if is my design somehow near from what you want. Please forgive the typo in the footer, its late when I noticed that.
  • I can submit design in English or u only needed it in romanian sir?
  • Ok guys, it seems that all of you got on a wrong direction. I will submit a design made by me, so you can see a closer example of what i want. Thanks for your postings and hope to get better results soon
  • Same thing as the other version
  • I am sorry but i dont like it at all... i've made some better designs... and i am not a designer!
  • Sorry, this is very low quality design... And i am not reffering as it looks,because i know it is a draft. It is low quality as a concept...
  • I am sorry but it looks like a '90 design
  • About #3 and #4 , any adjustment can be easily made, the background is just an example and I will search something more suitable if you want. O zi cat se poate de buna, Alex
  • Made the main page, any changes can be made, hope u like it Tomorrow i'll try to make the page listing the pensions and an enlarged map page. Any feedback is welcome.
  • #20 design Stylish and Sleek Simple 2 Column Layout which is easy to maintain Information is split into (Upper and Bottom) -Upper part contains -Search Form and Interactive Map -Special Offers are highlighted - you can use different kinds of offers including flash animations -Bottom part contains -Listings -Premium Ad space is allocated Listings are specially kept in a Tabbed Container - Which is usefriendly and saved much space Dotted Line makes a feeling of seperation for eyes. Your Feedback will help to improve design.
  • Need some feedback, thanks.
  • Dont like it