UNI Stand Up Strollers

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We want to be able to sell this product on the awesome website you create. There are several videos on YouTube, so you can get the feel of our product. We want the site to be easily-navigated for visitors, lively, and extremely eye-catching. 

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  • Like it. Thank you for your submission. #8
  • Thank you for the changes. #24
  • Nice layout. Thank you for the submission. #25
  • Nice layout. Thank you for the submission. #30
  • Professional oriented design style. We can change color or any element anytime. #30
  • Nice. Thank you for your submission. #30
  • Thank you for the extra submission. #18
  • Thank you for your hard work. #19
  • Nice work! Colors look great. #20
  • Nice background. Thank you for your help. #21
  • Thank you for the submission. It looks very nice. #22
  • I like the simplicity of the design, and all the colors.
    • @krogers1977 But I see you need a template solution) Thanks.

  • Nice layout. I think the background is too active, though. #23
  • Thank you for the submission. I think it needs more color. #24
  • The set up is very nice. Thank you! #25
  • Nice layout. Thanks for your hard work. #26
  • I like the graph you used to explain the concept. #28
  • The design looks great. I really like the business cards, too.
  • Sir I have tried to give the website an inviting and welcoming feel. I have also highlighted the main selling feature of the UNI and gave it a selling pitch. This website is designed around the product and has a startup vibe to it. I hope you will like my design your feedback is greatly appreciated. #28
  • Hi. This is my version of design for website. I am ready to work with you and make any changes. #27