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Winning design #23 by Danitz, Website Design for Redesign lead generation Website to increase click to action Contest
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designed by Danitz

Project description

This project will be a 2 page design. We will need the homepage designed and one secondary page. This project is a redesign of our current site . I am looking for a new high converting website in which the customer calls us. No forms. Please ignore color picks below. Purpose of site is to show credibility, stress we are local, and present a professional image. Basically, if you were having a flood in your home, after seeing this site, you would trust this company to come to your home and provide services.
We plan on using the written content that is currently on the site for the new redesigned site. We are really looking for a high converting new skin the we can swap out our current look with the new look.
Please take a look at
This is a contest that just ended for one of our other sites. I like this bold look . I not sure if I am sold on the colors. I think the message is simple without a lot of clutter.

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  • ohi
    Dear Greg, Your website has to be light or dark? do I need to use. given by you all the colors? (rainbow) may be in the background, water or fire? regards
  • No , I will look for a design I like. Give me a couple minutes.
  • Vasili; I am not liking the color scheme nor the overall design. Please use whatever colors you would like.
  • Clean nice design for you company i include all the service you offer image logo call to action location.Hope you like it , if you need any change let me know. Thanks Alex
  • Does not matter if it light or dark. You can ignore the colors that were chosen. Background could be anything. Fire is a very small part of our business , so I don't know about a fire background. Please have a look at one of our other site that the contest had just ended. i like the look of this site . I don't know about the color selection for a water damage site but I like the look.
  • All the text and information that's on your current you want that in this one? Or just like whats bolded and blue in the beginning of each paragraph?
  • ok, i will change those, whould you like to see another woman, like house wife, or a worker, like from your firm, out there ? and will change the house then to another one sinking?
  • I like the overall design . I do not like the look of the woman and the house. It seems a little to cartoonish.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please only refer to my latest design (#7) or: Number 5 and 6 are not very updated in some of the area, tried to delete it but not sure how. You can eliminate design #5 & #6. Thanks, Arief.
  • Hi, I am already working on a design, will submit asap.
  • We need to change directions a bit. I do not like the Guy or girl photos. I don't like the look of the house sinking or the city in the backgrounnd. I do the the blueish water the the call now with the phone number and 24/7 icon.I think we may have to go with something more realistic that the customer can relate to. I also do mold work.
  • no problem, we can do more realistic, more representative of your work theme. I would like you to ask some questions then.. ..but contest closed so i can't really submit any new designs now. or write any new massages so: If you can relay on me (since you liked another design that i made for CRIME SCENE CLEANERS) and think we can work out this exactly as you want. you could select my entry as winning and then we can exange files and we will do slyle changes that satisfies you. Kind regards FullHeads visuals Made changes: Character changed: one with worker and with another laidy. worker olso could be incorporated one of your if you have photo, or someone more simular to your dressing.. I changed house, but some small details need to be corrected in this part. to look more If you like overall design those changes would be done after contest closes. we will have a week for that by rules. Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • We need to start over. This time I will be there to give feedback and rate the designs. I had left the job up to my employee who failed at putting time into getting the right design.
  • Fullheads the contest is back open. Please upload your new designs
  • Thanks for the feedback, here are the revisions requested, thanks.
  • Can you submit some new designs. Danitz seems to be going in the write direction. Please see new brief and comments below. Thanks
  • Maybe we could put the services we specialize in to the left of the guy.
  • Lets change the phone number to red. I would like you to rework the 24/7 next to the phone number. The icons under the phone number should have more colors so they pop to the surfer. the menu nest to the guy needs to be more visible. They will be a dropdown menu like the one currently on I would like to add something above the fold maybe a box or not , saying something like we specializ in Water Damage Restoration, Flood Cleanup, Sewage Cleanup, Fire & Smoke restoration. I would also like to mention somewhere that we are your Commercial and large loss specialist.
  • new changes look good. I like the lite blue to darker fade on the right and left of the content. Lets leave those colors and get rid of the bubbles on the sides. You can leave the ones on the bottom.
  • Hi thanks for the feedbacks, here are the changes requested Darken the blue on the content edges Moved the specialization services to the top right I moved the house a little to the left, but the logo can't be moved as it is already on the left-most. If there are any changes you want to see, just let me know.