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Great concept here and very easy to use.

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Project description

I am looking for a landing site to use with google adwords account based on our water damage restoration site. The main site is www.waterdamagelocal.com. We need a site that is strictly for crime scene cleanup that does not have a water damage feel to it. You can search other crime scene sites to get a feel for what is covered.

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  • contest holder, is this contest still alive? kind regards, alejandro osorio
  • Dear CH! Here is my plan, if You like it I will make it in detail. kind regards,
  • CH, I submit my plan. Provided you like the design, every detail can be changed & I can add anything u want.
  • I am looking for a crime scene cleanup page.
  • I am looking for a crime scene cleanup page.
  • Hello CH i have submitted my design i hope you will like it. i have used RED in Black so the RED will attract more and will come to notice very fast i would like to get the feedback so i can improve my design
  • Hello leadsbyfone. I've also made a different concept in terms of layout (#13). The background color can really be anything, it's not binding (and it doesn't subtract from the overall looks). Would like a feedback on that. If there is anything else that you need, in any of my designs, just let me know. Thank you.
  • Please review my designs #8 & #9. Hope you like the Designs. Thanks
  • No we won't be using the water damage logo. We will be doing a similar one for this.
  • dear contest holder....will u going to use the water damge logo or a new logo for the landing page?
  • Made 2 versions of the updated phone number. Would you like it to stretch further?
  • I asked for crime scene cleanup page.
  • I asked for crime scene cleanup page.
  • I asked for crime scene cleanup page.
  • Hi...can you delete the ratings in the center and me the phone number larger and stretch out in the center? The number and call now should be in red.
  • Hi...the contest is still alive. The description shows that I need a crime scene cleanup page and gave the water damage page as an example of what we were using. Only #4 did the requirements.
  • Hello leadsbyfone, hope this contest is still active. I would like some feedback on #4. Thank you.
  • REVISIONS asked: theme in yellow with red number on white #41 Theme in yellow with white number on red #46 #36 theme in red #48 Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • Please review my designs(#38, #39, #42, #43). Hope u like the professional look, Color, arrangement of elements etc... These designs are easy to read, understand, eye-catching, & inner pages can be easily done based on the home page....
  • yes of couse, if you want i can make whole web in red tones... do you ? what about three icons , you can say that exactly you want to be those milestones and i will do them , could be more then 3 also. ..but in general all dtails and sub pages could be done after, if you select me design. so now i will just present style.