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designed by xclusive

Project description

Looking for an overhaul design to our website. Our current website is

We like bright colors, creative and easy to navigate website that highlight our work and services. We have STORM in our business name, we can also use lightning and Galaxy as they all elements of our branding.

On the homepage we need:

- Quote Form
- Recent Work
- Testimonials
- Services
- Call to action

You can get ideas from the backgrounds at :

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  • Hi Khidma - Here is my design of the home page. Please note that the area in the header with the word "visualize" would be a slideshow of keywords, similar to your current website, that will take advantage of the custom "stormy" background. If you had another thought about the color scheme, that can easily be changed. Also, please note the custom logo for WebStormz - this features a custom designed "Z" that is merged with a lightning bolt. Thanks, Frank
  • We are looking for XHTML/CSS, we are open to using a new logo that will match the design. We don't have source for the logo.
  • Hi Khidma - Do you want to keep your current logo? If so, can you provide a file of the logo in png format. Also, are you looking for just a Photoshop website design, or do you need the programming (HTML/CSS) as well? Thanks!
  • If you see the examples i put you may get an idea about what we like. The design is far from what we want. We want something web 2.0 clean, professional but colorful like in backgrounds we attached. We also want to use the idea of our brand STORM / Lightning in the design.
  • Hello khidma i come up whit this design its easy to navigate hope you will like it , if you need some change just let me know . Thanks alex
  • Hi Khidma - Was there another color variation that you'd like to see with concept #3? Thanks! Frank
  • Khidma - Here are 3 light color variations - light blue, light orange-yellow and a neutral color. The other colors in the layout remained the same.
  • Hi Khidma - Absolutely.. I'll provide a couple of options. Thanks! Frank
  • FactorBrand, I like the layout and the colors but it's dark, can we see a light version?
  • Hi CH, I am submitting my design asap. Best regards, Xclusive
  • Hello khidma You have storm you have storm on logo hope you like it . Thanks
  • PSD will be fine if the design is great we will be happy with PSD only.
  • Dear CH, Do you need website design(.psd) or design+coding? Regards, Anzee.
  • Thanks for the rate on #16. many Thanks, DigitalVei.
  • Hello.. can I get some feedback on #16 please.. Just tell me which section to improve. Thank you, Vei.
  • Hi CH, Can I get some feedback about my design #8, if you don't like just eliminate it or rate my design if I am going on right track or not. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • Can you explain little more about lighter version. Which area you want the page to be lighter . Thanks a lot. Webxvision
  • Can we see a lighter version of it.
  • Hi CH, I will be submitting my new design ASAP. Thanks. Best Regards, Xclusive
  • I don't get it. First I got 75 rating points, and then I got eliminated without any feedback at all. How could I know what you really want if you don't give a proper feedback? FYI, I felt that my concept has been stolen by other designers. Before I submit, there's no similar design to my entries. But now, new entries are similar to my design and my design is eliminated, this is a rip off. And for, stop editing & removing designer's comment. We're the designers here who really working. Can someone EXPLAIN ?