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designed by eximius123

Project description

We need a website design based on the included logo files. The logo must appear on the website and the color of the website must reflect the logo. The site needs a menu bar for linking to sub-pages with 4 selections. The names for these are: "Om oss", "Tjenester", "Ansatte", "Kontakt oss". The "Om oss" page will be the main page and the menu bar should be created with selections in the listed order. We will add text and photo ourselves. We will provide feedback during the process to guide you in the right direction. The winner will be asked to provide 3 sub-pages with the design that works with the links in the menu bar. And also create a simple e-mail contact form. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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  • BTW, have you noticed your office on the main image? :) It's a view from the bridge on Øvre Eikervei Street :)
  • We feel 17 and 11 is better. So see if you can come up with a new concept.
  • Dear CH, I understand your concerns about angled frames, but it's really depends on your coder who will do the actual slicing and coding job (especially for the main slider using transparent border pads with proper css layer management). Moreover, I can provide you with templates for images like that. It's just simple clipping masks. The idea was to use the same angled blocks like your logo. I will do the revision, but I think it is a nice touch for your website. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Nice design. We like how you made the B in the background. We are a little concerned that it may be too difficult for us to edit the page later with our own photos and text when the below frames has an angle and are not straight. We would like to see a draft with straight menu and frames so it will be easier for us to edit. Remove the address from the logo in the upper left corner. Move the facebook login to the bottom of the page and put it where the newsletter subscription is located.
  • Okey, what u think now ? In my opinion is better. thanks
  • Dear CH, Please check out my design proposal for you in a full view to appreciate the quality of the details. It's clean, modern, corporate and easy to navigate. It has a Nordic feel. I don't really know about accounting stuff, so you probably should change headers and text. Thank you.
  • You can remove the facebook login and just use the facebook symbol. We feel a login will take up to much focus. The menu looked better on draft 7, so change it back to how it was. There is a repetition of the logo. First in upper left corner and then below it it the blue field. See if you can find a solution where the logo is displayed only once.
  • Dear CH I think i fully applied to your suggestions what do u think now ? thanks
  • We like the solution you have made with the logo and the darker blue background. We prefer this draft over 13 and 14. That is why we have eliminated those. Remove the login and place a facebook symbol instead for users to click on. The ”Om oss” menu option goes in line with the white field below. We like this. See if you can expand the menu options a bit so you can do the same on the right side with “Kontakt oss”. See also if you can expand the white field a little so there will be more room for text and photos.
  • We like the use of the graphic elements here. Remove the search bar. Find alternative colors for the menu bar to better match our logo.
  • we like the use of the graphic elements here. Please use our logo and make the menu bar match our logo better. Remove search bar
  • remove login and signup. Add a facebook symbol instead. We feel the colors used mismatch our logo a bit. Try to use the same colors
  • We the the approach you did on draft 4 better
  • the colors are wrong in this draft
  • We like the solution you have made with the menu bar. The login window does not indicate it is a facebook login. Add a facebook symbol. We feel the login form takes up to much space. Try to shrink it a bit. It looks like it may be a little small room for text and photos where the big B is located. See if you can expand this width of this window a bit. And we would like to see a draft where the menu buttons are centered.
  • It looks like the colors have changed a little in these 2 drafts and mismatch the logo. We like the colors in nr.4. See if you can use the button in draft 6 without the B from the logo.
  • It looks like the colors have changed a little in these 2 drafts and mismatch the logo. We like the colors in nr.4. See if you can use the button in draft 6 without the B from the logo.
  • newX, from what i read writed by CH, he want concept like #6, so i prepared my graphic with that concept. regard
  • enkor, I think #7 is inspired 90% of first six :| come with a original work
  • ok, I understand, everything is posible now or anytime ~ I will try another version and after all can choice