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La Reacción is a Spanish language website, mostly catered for Mexico which has the format of an online newspaper, but where all articles are added by its users. Users create an account and can write and publish articles freely. I have received feedback about the current design seeming old and not very attractive. I want the design remade in such a way that it is more visually attractive for users. At the same time, I have been told that it does not look very serious, and several would be writers have commented that it should have a more serious look to it in order for them to write articles. You can use the current design as a basis for your proposal or you can do something entirely new. I am open to viewing different options before choosing the winning design. I still need space for advertisements, although the placement and size of the ads can vary.

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  • Hello, Just the design. I have my own programmers who will take care of the functionality. I only explained the different functions, since the website is in Spanish, so non Spanish speakers can understand what they are designing. Thank you.
  • Dear CH i need to know that do you need only design or functionality also. If you need then please mention your server environment too. Thanks Desktop Designs
  • Hello lockjavv, As explained in the brief, the designs I need are for the homepage and for the article page. Feel free to take the current design as a basis or change it entirely. I want to see as many original designs as possible and I am open to any new ideas. Thank you.
  • going to take a shot at this one. do you need any other pages to go along with design or is homepage all that is wanted for now?
  • Hello ardianet, I like the green and white, but it is not a must. I want it to have a more professional look. I will upload the logo file, although, if you want to give it a shot at improving the logo, you can also do that.
  • Basic question : - Any specific color-scheme needed ? - Do you have the Logo file ? Thanks.
  • Hello belisariorodrig, Thanks for your comment on my design. I have submitted design #4. It has "trending topics" section now. Also I have changed the tone of green on the top. Please let me know, if everything is ok now. Thank you!
  • ohi
    About #3 Hello, thank you for your feeback, sorry for the logo. In #3 I added an example of advertising. I think that the design of the website is clear and easy to read, the aesthetic, the colors are well chosen, the user-friendly. I am an experienced graphic designer, won seven contests on DesignContest. Maybe I can change the header, but the rest is very cool. I rarely brag, but I like this project :) regards, ohi
  • Hello ramchi, I liked the general placement of things in your design (although you left out the space for adding trending topics on top. I don´t particularly like the tone of green on the top. I will take a closer look at it on Monday and see if I have any more comments. Thanks for your design.
  • Hello Ohi, I have made the contest blind as per your request (it is my first time using design contest, so I do not know all the features). I like the design very much, and I need to analyze it further to see any observations. But just regarding the advertisements, I also agree it looks better without them, however, I will need a revenue source, so I actually need some advertisement areas. Please include those in your design. Also, I like the general idea of the new logo, but it seems like you tried to make it look like the Mexican flag (although it actually looks like the Italian flag). However, I do not want the users identifying the website as exclusively for Mexicans, so perhaps the fill for the logo can change. Yours is just the second design I have received, and I will wait to get a lot more, but I really like the design. Please also try to make a design for the article page.
  • ohi
    About #2 Dear CH, My first suggestion is without ads. regards,ohi :) PS - Can you blind contest?
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have submitted design #1. Design is attractive, bright and it has a good color contrast. It will be modern in next few years. Design is clean and it has a lot of space for advertisements. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
  • Hello Ohi, I will wait for the contest to end, since I do want to see other designs, but I really liked your design and it is likely that I will choose it. After watching the second logo, I think I want the original logo better. Also, please make a design for the "Article Page" using the specifications of the brief (obviously based on your new design, but respecting the fact that I want the advertisement which I mention on the brief). In addition, could you provide me your personal email?
  • dear CH, i'm going to make soon the "article" page, but i would like to see your opinion on the design which i've already done :)
  • #8 Hi, I've just uploaded my first entry in this contest. Used modern colors and shapes. It's a little "modern european style". Hope you like it! Please leave feedback! Regards, winters
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my first design in your contest.Please feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. Hope you will like it. Best Regards, Nibir.
  • ohi
    About #17 If you choose me, I will also be able to edit anything you want week after the winner is selected. So easy, if you have any remarks are sure to be satisfied. regards, ohi
  • ohi
    About #3 Hello, I'm sorry but I can not give you an e-mail, only after the conclusion of the contest. I'll try to do a project today, the article, but today fly out to Germany for a week :/. Amendments and the end of the competition would carry my brother. regards, ohi
  • Greeting belisariorodrig, I have Submitted entry #14, Color Schema is Green and White Smoke, I Understand that People experience some difficulties Navigating your portal so i tried to popup the website objects in a clean design i may not modified the layout tho it will make it even harder. So i simply enhanced the viewing objects, Organized well using boxes and shadows. hope this make sense. Regards, -Amr
  • Hi, I just submitted my design layout, please check and let me know your thoughts Thanks