I very much liked receiving the designs. Coordinating the coding / hosting, etc is very confusing. That part was quite difficult. Otherwise, this would have been a five-star experience.

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Winning design #62 by Desa, Website Design for www.ConsultARuizMD.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Desa

Project description

Amanda Ruiz, MD is a psychiatrist that provides culturally competent legal consulting to attorneys, fortune-500 companies, organizations, and judges. I am based in Los Angeles but I travel nation-wide.

"Because vision is not only seeing; it is listening."

I need a website redesign / update. My current website is hard to read (small font) and too dark. Clients don't use the submit payment button and prefer to pay by check, so that can be eliminated. I would also like it to be more interactive visually and appeal to my corporate, legal, law enforcement and medical audience.

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  • Hello Amanda. This is the first page. Please comment and review, I am ready to make any changes in he design. #11
    • About #11, @Desa
      Desa- This is my favorite so far. Can you please make the following changes:
      1. Next to my name, please change the symbol to the 'scales of justice.'
      2. When it is full size, can we make the entire back drop have the neuron design, similar to my current website?
      3. May I see a sample of what page two would look like?
      4. Can you add an image of a the brain with wheels turning or ear listening at bottom of page in space next to where it says "curriculum vitae"
      5. In columns where it says forensic services / others services: please add- Special interest in review of psychopharmacology & adverse outcomes.

    • hi Amanda
      I prepared all files in psd and they ready to move to the programmer, you just need to select the design as a winner. Now I am waiting for the responce from programmer, he will set the price. Will you have a page with contacts? If yes I will design it.

  • some more alternative
    #79 #81 #80

    I am providing you with more style alternatives instead of inner pages, as in case of my design selection as winner - inner pages will be made after contest ends, as well as details you would like to change.

    Also you could name things you like from each of my designs and i could combine one out of them for you.
    here are some of tem #6 #61 #59 #60 #57 #56 #38 #39 #37

    Kind regards,
    Linas, FullHeads
  • Clients and comment page. #78
  • Another total different layout. #77
  • A color variation. #76
  • More refined version. #75
  • Hi Dr. Amanda,

    Here are my designs for your website I have used total different approach from all the other contestants and have tried to make your website more of a website rather then a look of C.V.

    I have done both the home page and the inner page with some versions. Uploading the entries right now.

  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Please check the design of contact us page and let me know the changes

    CSS Chimp #73
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Please check the services page and let me know the feedback for my design

    CSS Chimp #72
  • Dear Amanda,
    Please Provide me the feedback for my design and let me know the changes in the design

    CSS Chimp #71
  • Hi, my name is Muneeb. This is my design, this is what I suggest for your web page.

    Its clean, modern and professional, as you provide consulting to attorneys, fortune-500 companies, organizations.
    This is the unique design.

    Please let me know what you think and where I stand in your contest.

    Muneeb. #70
  • Please wait for my entry. It is near to the end.

  • please review my designs. #68
  • Here is my new design.
    Hope you like it. #66
  • If you need any changes let me know please. #65
  • As you are a doctor, Most of your users will come from search engines, And unfortunately other design here in contests didn't notice this; My design is fully SEO optimized i can provide you it's coding sprated in another 1t1 project in website here. Any way, Hope you like it, It's just a peek out from it, I'll creat another pages and BIO page if u wanted. Best wishes for you dr. <3 #58
  • Hello @doc_amanda. Here are some more updates #56, #57 , #59, #60, #61 (some other my designs #43, #42, #39, #38, #6 )
    ..would you like to see some inner pages ? which design's inner pages ?
  • Hi, Amanda

    Please have a look my designs and provide me your valuable feedback and suggestions.

    Thanks, DesignBull #55
  • Dear Dr. Ruiz,
    This design an other version of my #53 with a different color schame. #54
  • Dear Dr. Ruiz,
    I prepared this design for your homepage. I followed an elegant, modern and classy direction with a little 3D touch. Please give me a feedback if you like this style and let me know if you have specific things to add/change.
    Thank you! #53