Overall winner was very sucseptible to changes and quick to respond. Designer did a great job and worked hand in hand with me through the whole process. I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Thanks!!

$895 paid

30 custom designs

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Winning design #29 by FullHeads, Website Design for www.ThumBumpMusic.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FullHeads

Project description

I'm a singer/songwriter looking for a beach themed website with a simple layout, but modern look. Focused on music streaming, sales, videos, tour dates, merchandise and news. I want it to be fun looking and easy to navigate with beach graphics. I have my logo already designed and want it to be the center point of the website. I will add logo sample later. Main focus is mobile viewing. I want the mobile site to be easily accessed and fun to navigate.

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  • update on style.

    As contest heading toward closing, I only designed style, not content at this point. If you like what you see and would like a website evolve from this. I am available.
    You can find my earlier webdesigns here : https://www.designcontest.com/designer/FullHeads/ , under a tap "WEBSITES" , take a look and decide if i am OK for this job.

    Kind Regards,
    FullHeads #29
    • About #29, @FullHeads WOW!! That is badass!! I love it! I will be in touch. I have been swamped with work and just saw this.

    • About #29, @FullHeads could you add a couple things? a shark in the water, an acoustic guitar in the sand with a lawn chair and a cooler, and coming off of the top menu panel in the corners can you have like a thick boat anchor rope that is nailed to it and then nailed to the twitter update panel??? then have all the other panels hanging from each other by ropes or something?? what you think??

    • About #29, @tanneranzmusic
      Yes, I can do all this, had something like that with ropes in mind as well. also need lots of other refinements obviously.

      So as time is ~out, if you would like me to finish this up for you. I am available as said. pick and i can star on this.
      Kind regards,

      As time
      just select me and with your feedbacks i will finish this in the weekend or any other day or two

  • In this one, as you shown in picture, Tiki bar bg till the footer of the webpage. If you don't want the Tiki bar upto footer, let me know. #28
  • less crowded version #27
  • my design halfways #26
  • as promised - made some. I have spend this time making a unique header for your page/fan pages/so on..
    so its halfways for now, i neec to pause as its really late on my time zone, so if you would be interested in full page design give me "yes" feedback and I will finish all the content design and other pages in the morning(GMT+2) , so fitting the time frame. thanks for feedback.
    Regards #25
  • Removed boards and banner beach image as you asked for. #23
    • @99bibin NO NO NO!! haha. I have uploaded a picture example showing what to do. I also uploaded the http://.png to replace the other ones. I hope it makes sense. If not just ask me. Thanks!!!

    • About #23, @99bibin Please take a look at the picture i have uploaded pointing out what to move and change. I have uploaded the png's to add. I also have uploaded a picture of a tiki bar. It has chairs in front of it (ignore the chairs). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the background look almost exactly like that tiki bar. I want the feeling as if everything is nailed to a tiki bar. If you don't understand just ask me!!! THANKS A TON!!!!

    • @tanneranzmusic OK. And what about the twitter image you added in brief?

    • @tanneranzmusic Hey, I got one better tiki bar and added to bg. Check this link: http://i.imgur.com/ http://bPTYdU6.jpg (remove the space in between and 'http://' and try it.) Also here is the Tiki bar picture I used: http://i.imgur.com /http://3abJs9c.jpg (remove the space in between and 'http://' and try it.)

  • Hi CH, Just news and footer left. #24
  • Hi tanneranzmusic, It seems that you have made decision to choose the winning design. Please do let me know otherwise I will complete my design and show you in few hours. My design is about to end.

  • Let me know what you think. #22
  • About #19, @tanneranzmusic Okay. I will try to get a real photo for that hut. Also the roof need that much height?

    Check this image: http://i.imgur.com/ http://ru52Dl2.jpg (remove the space in between and 'http://' and try again please. Designcontest not allowing me to send you jpeg).
    • @99bibin No the roof doesn't need to be that big. Just enough to hang off the top a little bit.

    • @99bibin I tried looking at that image and it brings a page error

    • @tanneranzmusic You mean the width or height?

  • I am in.
    Will upload results in 5-6 h.
    • @FullHeads Please be sure to read comments, briefs and look at photos before jumping into it. Thanks for joining!

  • Hi CH, I am working on it. Wait for my design.
  • Hey again,

    Check and let me know how it is now..

    Thank you
    Bibin #19
  • Instead of screws, make it actual nails that are not flat looking. Like they are nailed in diagonally and look 3D like. If its possible. #13
    • @tanneranzmusic Sure, let me try.

  • Some more changes made. Hope you like it more now. #18
  • See the full version: http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/roman700900/media/ThumpBumpMusic3_zpsih3janf3.jpg.html #17
  • About #16, @tanneranzmusic All fonts used are free. All photos are free to use.
  • See the full version here: http://s1302.photobucket.com/user/roman700900/media/ThumpBumpMusic3_zpsih3janf3.jpg.html
    And so amended a couple of changes in the last design. What do you think about the top menu? Whether to leave the background in the menu? The site will be operated by a horizontal scrolling, as here: http://yearinreview.hshtags.com/. Also in cooperation make the design for mobile and tablet devices. Best Regards, Roman.
  • i have modified the background #14
  • Hey again,

    Here is my latest update. Logo replaced with "The Official" and rope, nail added to borders. Let me know if there anything else I can do.

    Thank you!
    Bibin Dominic #13