Very nice and easy to use design contest. This is my second time and the designs are spot on. Thanks again

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Winning design #47 by marinutza_2008, Website Design for www.tintkitz.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by marinutza_2008

Project description

Computer cut window film patterns for any vehicle. Solar Gard film lifetime warranty 

We cut sell and ship window film all over the world.  Pre cut any size or pre cut per vehicle year, make and model We also sell rolls of window film(tint) 

This will be a new web store in addition to www.tintkits.com we will be carrying window film rolls for purchase and pre cut window film(tint) for any vehicle along with ClearSheild(invisible paint protection) pre cut per vehicle specs. Thanks in advance

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  • sd
    Here is the update version. Please check. #47
    • @sd thank you, if you are winner we can start logo design soon. thanks again looks really awesome.

    • @sd hello we are choosing your design #47 awesome look and can't wait to get it live. Just want to Ensure it is HTML based and responsive for mobile phones? Thanks again There will b a few text changes also but very minimal.

    • sd

      @tintmaster About #47, @sd This Website template is completely HTML based responsive for any device. I will do all the changes on text content you want. Thanks

  • About #47, @sd we really enjoy looking at your design/ work. thank you so much. A++
  • I did the logo bigger and the "Solar Gard" logo, changed the colors, and lower the % of darker film. #48
  • About #46, @sd thank you, change our logo at top back to our logo please. Everything else looks amazing. Thank you for all your work and time.
  • sd
    Here is the update version. Please check. #46
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner revised.

    I have used stock image in the banner.

    I hope you like the concept.


    Regards/WebStar #45
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner and color scheme revised in this design.

    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/Webstar #44
  • Please check my update version #43
  • Hi CH,

    Image banner and color scheme revised in this design.

    Any remarks please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #42
  • Hi CH,

    I have submitted my 1st design in your contest.

    Please rate this design & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comment.


    Best Regards/WebStar #41
  • About #39, @sd we need one more change and we are ready. our tintkits.com at top can you make red in color. just tintkits.com text and i think that our logo on top should be bigger then the Solar Gard logo, so down size solar gard logo a bit.
  • About #39, @sd amazing, great work!
  • Hello CH,

    Please review my undated design.

    Ganesh #40
  • sd
    Here is the update version. Please check. #39
  • About #38, @sunny2007paswan looks great, some type text errors PATTERNS FOR ANY VEHICLE. Not AND. also move the order now pic to middle and video pic link to right. thanks.
  • About #36, @sd hello, looks really good. please center our about us info/ Welcome to tintkits section. just center all the text, for look ans the middle pic make the select your vehicle stand out more, different colors/ move it. idk lol and the Big Solar Gard logo there is a logo they have that has the text window films instead of Saint-Gobain. can you replace that image please. thanks again talk to you soon
  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you for liking my design,

    I have done many changes/ Updates on my design, Hope you like it. Please let me know your valuable feedback on my design

    Sunny #38
  • About #37, @sunny2007paswan looks great. We will meet in the morning to decide winning design. Thanks again
  • About #36, @sd amazed! I want to thank you again. We are deciding the winning design tomorrow. We have a meeting in the morning to discuss it. Yours is A++ thanks again
  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you for feedback, Please check my updated design, let me know your valuable feedback,

    Sunny #37