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Winning design #70 by ACMajor, Website Design for X8R LTD, x8r.co.uk Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ACMajor

Project description

We are currently looking to completely redesign our existing website www.x8r.co.uk. 

We want a modern, fresh, clean look, easy to navigate and intuitive in use.  

This website is a good start to base it on but not limited to:

We're a vehicle parts manufacturer, who specialize in finding common vehicle faults and creating solutions to those problems.

Design/functionality features are attached in word document for your information.

  • Tiled category flow/clean/crisp design – loads as going down page 

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  • @md1
    Hero image 2
    • md1

      @slvima We liked the animations you did on your design and wondered what other work you have done? We have got the design of the website pages to 95% of what we want, but need a UI designers to give it the finishing touches and create a couple more pages- with changes for us. Would you be interested?

  • Hello Contest Holder,
    All the changes you have asked for are done.
  • Changes are done. #69
  • md1
    Change header to "Why choose us" ... #67
  • md1
    Rename this to "About us" as otherwise this and the below are too similar. #67
  • Hello Contestholder,
    This Is the other version of the design where the 'why choose us' section has 3 upper cards and 3 lower cards.
    If you like any other variation, you can choose it from design-number= 61.
  • Hello Contest Holder,
    This is the Version-1 of the design, where the 'why choose us' section has 3 upper cards and 2 lower.
    The Design Is SuperClean and Modern and is Made according to your preferences.
    Hope You Like the design.

    Thanks For giving the opportunity.
  • @md1
    I changed the hero images for the ones you sent me #63
  • Full design is here: https://www.figma.com/proto/Z6B5n4zrqf5DNVNaZogs55/X8R-LTD-e-commerce?node-id=130%3A1125&scaling=min-zoom

    And here, you can see fade animations when you scroll a page: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ya0lmsnvvb69u1f/X8R%20LTD%20%28animation%29.mp4?dl=0 #58
    • md1

      @slvima https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3rm24o0g3xjeuqf/AAD-26GwSKskThwMAyuwOI9pa?dl=0&lst=

  • md1
    Please update this section with images relevant from our image database links. And also supply different designs to this section, can it be combined with the "some statistics" section? #56
    • @md1 could you please provide me the dropbox link? Coz, The previous one isn't working.

    • md1

      @ACMajor https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3rm24o0g3xjeuqf/AAD-26GwSKskThwMAyuwOI9pa?dl=0&lst=

  • Hello Contest Holder,
    These are the Variations that I Made For the Why Choose US section.
    Pleases Select the one Which suits you the most. #61
  • Hello Contest Holder,
    I Have Updated The Design, Please Provide The Dropbox Link, So That I can Choose images from a wide variety.

  • md1
    Can you change this to simple - clean screen, rather than a laptop? #56
    • @md1 Okay I will change it.

  • md1
    About #56, @ACMajor We will also need images of the pages in question designed as this contest is for the complete website. Products page, About us, contact us, shipping, instructions trade and blog.
    • @md1 Yes, I will Design All the required pages of your website.

  • Hi @md1
    I was modified based reference http://x8r.co.uk/over/ideas2.jpg
    I hope I'll be winner and lucky to take your contest, thank you #59
  • Hallo @md1
    I want to know about my concept #50 did you review design?
  • Hi there!
    My name is Vadym, I am a professional UX & UI designer that works with many building platforms and websites. My goal is offering for the customer reasonable solutions for the business and realizing them in a quick and effective way.

    I have 4 years of experience in the UI/UX Web design, and 3 years in the Mobile design. So i will help you create a functional and easy-use E-commerce Platform. Because the main factors that user want to see in the product are simplicity, convenience, intelligibility.

    Check my design here: https://www.figma.com/proto/Z6B5n4zrqf5DNVNaZogs55/X8R-LTD-e-commerce?node-id=130%3A1125&scaling=min-zoom

    And here, I want to show you fade animations when you scroll a page: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ya0lmsnvvb69u1f/X8R%20LTD%20%28animation%29.mp4?dl=0

    My main principles:
    - Pixel perfect
    - Simplicity
    - User-friendly result #57
  • Hello Contest Holder, I have updated the design as you have wished, But I have to remove the Backgrounds of Trust Pilot And Video Section, Because It was looking messy.
    Please review the design and Tell me how is the design. #56
  • md1
    Remove this section completely #48
  • md1
    Remove this section completely #48