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Winning design #24 by iNoesis, Website Design for Yartista Platform Contest
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  • Hello ! Can you blind this contest ? Thanks, enkor
  • Please make this a blind contest, it promotes creativity.
  • hi ch i can't download the attachment. and please blind this contest. tnx
  • ........................ .................... ........................
  • making my submission in the next 3 hrs in this contest: juz doing some final touches
  • Dear Contest Holder, could you try to clarify the "cold"-feeling of my submission #4 ? I love minimalistic style, and the use of white space - it is pretty similar to the apple design. I will try to mix in some more color and effects if it is that, what you mean with "cold" technical ? By the way: Rating the entries is very important for each participant because he can get a better point of view, on how close he already is to the wished design. Greetings.
  • Basically, as described in the PDF. -> One homepage + one page showing details of an album.
  • hi contest holder can i know how many page are you want in your website. or do you want home page only?
  • Dear Participants, thanks for the designs submitted - again great to see how creative you are. Our feedback is as follows - please consider and feel free to participate in the extension of the contest (note that price has been increased to 800$). - Our current favorites are #4 and #7. The other designs are too traditional. #8, #9 are too packed with information. - We like the split between featured and earlier production done in #4 and we like the slider to browse through earlier productions. On the other hand, #4 is a bit "cold", technical - We like #7 for its style and freshness. However, it is a bit too blinky, too much, too pink, too female (especially the fonts). A bit less will be more. But the groove is good with #7. The boxes should only be used for featured production since they are a bit "clumsy". Below featured prod., we could imagine "Earlier production" or further comments/news from the blog. We like the focus on the featured production, e.g. with the clear PLAY button. - In general, try to make the color scheme a bit more elegant, maybe using gold/black rather than pink grey. - You can find a vector version of the logo in the brief and play around with the colors
  • PSD will do
  • Hi CH, is this contest just for PSD or with XHTML converting?
  • hello, thanks for your comments. I've publish #13 and #14. Please tell me what do you think about it. Thanks a lot
  • Hi CH, Kindly check my entry #17 and give me your valuable feedback on this. Kind Regards,
  • Dear Contest Holder, could you try to clarify the color-sheme ? I'm not sure about the white/grey/pink. Maybe you got something different in mind, just let us know so we can work on. Greetings
  • Hi CH, Just submitted #18. Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks
  • Some comments: To #17) - Can you try to replace the images (loudspeaker, guitar, etc.) by something more related to classical music? - Can you also include a photo which is not reddish, such that we can see how it would look like with a different photo? #13) - The contrast between yellow and blue are too much. It looks Swedish :) Can you try to experiment with more color schemes? - We think that the integration of the logo in the menu line is not so elegant - it looks like simply pasted over the menu line. Can you try to do this more elegantly? - The fonts in the menu should be more elegant ones Looking forward for some more variations. In general, you all did an amazing job! It will be a hard decision anyway!
  • Will do a comment tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience
  • Hello CH, Can you make some comments about the new entries? That would help us to improve our design and send more propositions. Thanks a lot for your time
  • Dear CONTEST HOLDER camporelli , who is the winner in (Allergy Information Restaurant Finder) Contest ? http://www.designcontest.com/website-design/allergy-information-restaurant-finder/ i'm waiting your answer ..
  • Hi Camporelli CH. i have send to you entry #23 I hope you like my design thanks all the best babar