Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting another companies’ products or services for a commission. It’s a very simple, transparent model for earning an income online. All you have to do is to find the affiliate program that fits your interest and share links from it.

Affiliate programs are very easy in use. If you are creating a website about brands, design and so on, you would search the various affiliate networks and look for products that relate to the theme of your website, for example, DesignContest affiliate program.  Grab the affiliate code from your account, paste it into your site and start earning from the referrals. The income amount directly depends on the similarity of your target audience.

DesignContest team would like to share with you 3 useful infographics about affiliate marketing. Here you’ll find a lot of answers to questions Who? Why? When? How much? How long? use affiliate programs and more helpful information. Enjoy reading!

6 Key Step Success Cycle

Affiliate Trends


 The 7 Step Affiliate Marketing Guide for Newbies

affiliates newbies

With the start of 2015, we are happy to announce our new affiliate program. Our partners will now enjoy new feature-rich, professional affiliate system that enables even more revenue generating opportunities for their online properties.


Profitable DesignContest Affiliate Program

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