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fun spam revenge

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#1 Kanadian


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Posted 17 May 2004 - 07:47 AM

Ok...granted, this takes time to do, but it still feels good when you burn someone really nicely, i've done it to a few companies and it is quite fun. If I had the time, I would do it to at least 1 North American company a day.

Here is what I did one day when I figured "if spammers are going to waste my time, I'm going to waste a bit of theirs":

-I got spam from a place offering deals on logo/web design. They were offering a package for "complete corporate branding" for $795

-I wrote them an email explaining that I was very interested, and needed 6 of their packages and wondered what type of deals they would have for bulk purchases for 6 of my sites. I used a generic hotmail address that I created just for this purpose for them to reply to.

This is where the fun starts. They replied back and were very eager to help me out. You could really get a sense of how excited they were @ the prospect of this sale and offered to reduce the package price to $600 for a total of $3600.

More or less, at this point, I started toying with them to such an extent, I'm really surprised they didn't catch on. I had them call me (long distance for them) and kept them on the phone for long periods of time (was sure to place them on hold for loooooong periods acting very busy) and had them do every ounce of work I could get out of them without first paying: quotes, deadlines, drafts, proposals, layouts etc. Then just when they were convinced I was going to send them 1 last email before giving them my credit card info, I sent them an email that instead said:

"Suckers. Did you really think I was going to buy anything from a company that SPAMS people? HA!. Well, anyway, I figured since you deemed it necessary to waste my time by sending your crap spam, that perhaps you'd like a bit of your time wasted. I hope you feel pathetic after all the effort you put into landing this big sale you chumps.(etc etc etc)"

It was bitter sweet getting back at a spammer for once, it felt pretty good. I had fantasies about them rejoicing about their big sale and spending the money before they even had it (I've done that before with my business) Of course, it did waste MORE of my time, but I hope it crosses their mind before spamming again.

Think of it...if there was a "community" of spam fighters all doing the same thing and focousing on 1 company at a time that spams...we could make them lose thousands of dollars in wasted resources/manpower. If we hit them hard enough, they'd be hesitant on putting effort into requests from LEGITIMATE potential buyers in fear that it might be another trick,.

Hrmm....I wonder if I should start up a community to do this? :p


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Posted 17 May 2004 - 02:18 PM

this sounds quite interesting. you could use our community to fight against spam. Please, keep us informed about your further actions and maybe post your ideas about fighting against specific companies.


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Posted 17 May 2004 - 07:32 PM

It might be just the kind of message you were talking about:

from: Margery Cote <ehhpkoan@soulasylum.net>
Subj: Unique Logo demonstrates Personality of Your Business

Message: Are you starting a new business, launching a new service or want to change your corporate image? Then you need a top quality loqo that wilI compIete business identity and wilI heIp you attract more customers.

To create a powerfuI logo you need a skiIIed desiqn and marketing team that wiII put aIl its experience, knowIedge ,and talent into your project.

Review some of our works to make sure that we can give you that professional and trustworthy image at a reasonable price and within your time frame. We love what we do, we are very good at it, and we are completely focused on your goals.

If you need design service other than logo or corporate identity design, we are here to help. Whether you need a new package, a brochure, a website, a magazine ad or any other design or marketing service, we have a professional vendor on our list of recommended design companies that specializes in this.

Please visit us at: http://www.mirgos.org/819923656367.asp

Our goal is to help you increase your revenues!

Clemencia Garcia

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