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Interesting quotes on designing...

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#1 davidude


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Posted 21 June 2004 - 09:02 PM

I recently saw these quotes and thought they were very interesting. I hope you agree...

I look forward to hearing people's thoughts on these :)


1. It is very hard to give yourself a raise with repeat clients. If you charge too little on the first round, they will come to regard you as a K-Mart Bluelight Special, not someone they will turn to for complex, artistically challenging and fullfilling work with appropriate price tags attached. You will be considered the cheap one, and you will only be trusted with "cheap" projects, not the "good" stuff.

2. "My time never goes on sale." You can offer discounts in tangible goods if you like to make your client feel that they're getting a good deal, but the time you work at a discount for them is time you could charge someone else full rate. How will you answer a good-paying client when he or she learns you did for someone else for less? A better business strategy: The price doesn't change for anyone. Your time never goes on sale.

3. The cheapest, most penny-pinching clients are also, in my experience, the most difficult to please, the most demanding, the least understanding and the least appreciative of your blood, sweat, tears, artistry, talent and vision. Instead of pursuing or even considering work with this type of client, why not focus on clients who are in the market for excellence and expertise, all wrapped up in your ability to make their problems go away.

4. "How much will it cost you to pay less?" This is a good question to ask a client who says that Joe Blow will do it for X amount when you're offering to do it for Y. Start asking, "What happens if you get the comps and they are unusable? Can you afford to commission this work twice? Do you have the luxury of spending the time it will take to start from scratch twice? What provisions do you have in place if Joe Blow delivers less than you need?" This is especially powerful when you're dealing with a client who is someone else's client, such as an ad agency. Helping your contact think through the ramifications of using someone else with less experience, less able to deliver - your contact's reputation could suffer in the eyes of his client - is one powerful strategy in obtaining decent prices for your work.

5. "Good, fast, cheap; pick any two." If you want good and fast, it won't be cheap. If you want good and cheap, it won't be fast. If you want cheap and fast... well, call the other guy.
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#2 Logistikal


    Apprentice Designer

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Posted 22 June 2004 - 07:45 AM

Wow, nice. I saw a funny one the other day...hmmm...

New Web Design Rate Card:

* $150/hr Standard Rate
* $200/hr if you want it NOW
* $250/hr if you want to watch over my shoulder while I work
* $300/hr if you want to help
* $400/hr if you worked on it first

Via 37signals.
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#3 Qbee


    Apprentice Designer

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  • 35 posts

Posted 22 June 2004 - 08:57 AM

I don't actually know what teh standard prices are in webdesign.. charging per hour is imo a weird system coz I think you should judge the outcome and not how many hours one has spend to make the site..

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