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#1 render



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Posted 24 August 2004 - 10:49 AM

Well all, this is really the first time i voice my opinion on how things are run here at designcontest.com. anyhow, i'm first going to say that there are alot of good designers here and the staff is doing a great job in enforcing rules and running this site and taking the time to give us an oppurtunity to make some extra cash. thanks! now for what i've decided to post for... it seems to me that there are some minor flaws in the system used to run these contests. there are some things to consider. i know this may sound petty or paranoid but it really is a fact that some designers copy and steal and cheat to get the recognition that others deserve. also, when it comes to the contest holder and feedback, it seems to be that the contest holder gives favoritism sometimes and only gives good feedback to the people he/she chooses to be his favorite designer(s). somehow a new viewing system is in order so that we do not blame one another for stealing ideas or copying one anothers hard work... for example, anyone heard of worth1000.com? it's really a PHOTOSHOPPING forum but they also hold corporate level contests. anyway, they seem to have the perfect system to derail this type of thing. the forum staff explains exactly what the client wants in the first stage of a contest. then only the contest holder can view the entries until the deadline is over. then the details are worked out for the design chosen. simple. granted, i don't know exactly how this is done, i only know that this works. no accusations, no stealing of ideas, no copying. just a suggestion as to something to look into. thanks again! i may have left some details out but you all get the general idea... right?
Rest in peace Nevadabadgirl

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