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casperamy's Photo casperamy 12 Mar 2005

Hello designers, :)

Could someone tell me a good, free, image hosting site? My web server has crashed and it appears that it might be down for a while. Do you guys deal with this sort of thing much? Do you have a good backup image hosting site?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Don't you love technology? :D


PostDestruction's Photo PostDestruction 13 Mar 2005

www.imageranch.com thats the only one that I know of I think. It is good, but your images are deleted from the server after a certain amount of time I think.



Jersey Devil's Photo Jersey Devil 13 Mar 2005

I've used and still using domaindlx they give you 100mb of free space and I haven't had any problems with them :)

casperamy's Photo casperamy 13 Mar 2005

Thanks guys for the responses,

I ended up using ImageShack. It seemed to work just fine.

My server is back up now anyway, but at least now I have a good backup. :D

Thanks again,


grafikus's Photo grafikus 14 Mar 2005

I usually upload my images using ImageShack. But, you might also want to check out www.2and2.net, www.redsplash.com or www.imagestash.com. :)

KorteX's Photo KorteX 17 Mar 2005

www.imageshack.us Best, period.

Inertia's Photo Inertia 25 Mar 2005

Photobucket.com is great, also allows hotlinking.

Jersey Devil, I have to thank you, I've been looking for http://www.domaindlx.com/ for a while now, didn't they use to offer PHP as well?

PixelMaster's Photo PixelMaster 29 Mar 2005

Are these websites good for hosting ANY kind of files? or is it just JPG and GIF...I am thinking of uploading a .ZIP and sending a link for client to download the files.

aurellius's Photo aurellius 29 Mar 2005

I just saw this one ;) Right now it's for sale www.sitepoint.com/forums/ although I'm not thinking it's going anywhere anytime soon. So you're good for uploading files.