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Project description

Our company InkSmith delivers turnkey education solutions for bringing 3D printing and STEM/STEAM programming to life for educators. 

We're working on a new product line called 121 Robotics and would like to first get a logo done and then a box design (which will also be determined by what our final packaging is). 

121 Robotics is a line of 3D printable robotics kids whereby, students will design, print build, wire and code their own Arduino based robots from scratch. The significance of 121 is that we're making these robots inexpensive enough that schools can afford to have 1 robot for each kid in their classrooms. 

Primarily this product will be marketed to K-12 Schools and we're looking to create a brand identity that captures the essence and excitement of robotics without being intimidating.

The robots themselves are 2 wheel drive and look similar to Wall-E. 

In terms of design characteristics;
-Caricature optional 
-Avoid edgy, hard line design 
-Colour scheme should complement our existing branding for InkSmith (www.inksmith.ca), colours shouldn't be exactly the same

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  • hello here my design, i hope you like and please give me feedback,
  • My proposal design
    number 2 #192
  • My proposal design
    number 1 #191
  • Simple and elegant design that suits your needs and student students will be happy with this logo #190
  • please check it. #184
  • . #179
  • . #178
  • The design focuses on company's name 121 Robotics where the number has been pictured as a digitized input and the "BOT" in Robotics has been highlighted thereafter to standout in the same chroma as the number. The center alphabet "O" in BOT represents wheel. #165
  • The alphabet "B" is pictured as a BOT on wheels that indirectly seems like eyes driving it forward. #164
  • This design focuses towards a students character and his/her vision towards robotic technology. The company's number 121 is pictured in a way that it seems to solely drive on the wheels of a students' vision(eyes/specs). The number and the wheels together feels familiar to a robotic machine with wheels. #163
  • how about my design sir?
    regards #129
  • hope you like it. regards #122
  • please send me feedback sir. #117
  • YOU LIKE THIS #116
  • 2/3 Logo by it self, version, Coding Brackets are the ones. #114
  • 3/3 Full logo #113
  • 3/3 text + icon version, Coding Brackets are the ones. The spacing between 1s and brackets can change. #112
  • 2/3 logo version, Coding Brackets are the ones. #111
  • 1/3 Gear icon version, Coding Brackets are the ones. #110
  • 3/3 logo with text icon version, Coding Brackets are the ones. Contact for expanding the spacing between the brackets and the ones. #109