5k (5000) and Below

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Project description

We are starting up a used car dealership that will be selling reliable cars for 5000$ and below. Every car will be pre-inspected and all needed repairs will be done so there will be no as-is car on the lot. Would like stand out from the rest of the used car dealers from beginning (a great professional logo) to end (customer delivery). 

Main goal is to look professional and have happy customers that they know they can rely on THE BRAND!
Company name is "5K and Below". The idea is that everything in the lot will cost 5K or below. We are open to creative ideas with #5000, 5k, or & in the logo. 

Research shows people make a sub-conscious decision within the first 90 seconds and between 62-90% of that decision is based on the COLOR. So please make it: 
     - Simple
     - Bold
     - Professional looking
     - Good color combination
     - Catchy logo that will combine trust, reliability, and the overall idea all in one place
     - Have some sort of a car dealer resemblance (headlight, tail light, wheel, steering wheel, overall car outline, SOMETHING) 

Best of luck! May the best logo win! 

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  • I hope you like my logo design concept #165
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  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #160
  • Again, sir #147
  • Lets try a white background and different cars #104
  • Can you make the 5 bolder and have the logo on a white background
  • Simple,Bold,Professional looking, SIR ,,,, #143
  • 5000 AND BELOW #140
  • hello please see entries #129 & #130 thanks
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  • dear CH,this is my new concept for your logo,,check and feedback please,,#102
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  • the basic shape of this logo is the steering wheel and speedo meter that shows the price of used cars 5000 and below. #99
  • thanks for your rate to entries #70,please check #84 and give your feedback,
  • DEAR CH,this entries,#84 is revision entries #70
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