AA Young Machine, LLC

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Project description

Looking for a new business logo.

We do cnc machining and manual machining with lathes and mills to customer designed drawings. Technology is where we would like to excel. We can build any piece of machinery. Our current design incorporated the gnomon used in 3D cad-cam modeling, 
Ease of printing embroidering on garments should be included in design. Not interested in simple "clipart".

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  • I make many changes, I hope you like it. #128
    • @mehsugeh see my portfolio for another design, thank you.

  • My proposal design 04 #140
  • hope you like it #129
  • this page may help you in your decision-making: http://www.gtgraphics.org/genericlogos.html
  • remove this arrow shape from graphic? #110
  • About #110, @mehsugeh
    could you remove the arrow between the A"s?
  • About #110, @mehsugeh
    I have recently added an image of a cutter to the information page. Could you incorporate that geometry to replace the gear graphic?
  • sorry dont like the graphic #31
  • gear logo #109
  • ? #107
  • how about this one? #106
  • how about this one? #105
  • how about this one? #104
  • Please check #101 and #102
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #93
  • I hope you like this. Thank you. #92
  • interesting but a little too complicated
  • is it possible to incorporate something like the masonic compass into your design? #46
  • please view entry

  • please revision #84