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Project description

This logo will definitely be used on an array of marketing materials, such as the back of t-shirts, koozies, etc. 

We want to evoke an old-school, traditional brand with an illustrative logo. We like the design of Glauser & Co- you can check out their look at

Simple with clean lines is always a good way to go. If you would like to visit our website to see the current logo it is . Our target market is high-end residential and commercial clients as well as contractors. Ages probably between 30-60 years old. 

I look forward to seeing the designs!

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  • Can you make this design solid? Also, remove the weeds on the right. #88
  • Can you do the word "Accent" in a different font? #16
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  • i hope you like it #89
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    hope you like my proposal
    looking forward working at you

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    hope you like my proposal
    looking forward working at you

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  • Concept Logo:
    - There are objects that resemble the letter A, the initials of "Accent", and the letter L is horizontally inverted, ie the initials of "Lawn".
    - There is grass which means calm.

    Dark Grey means:
    - Solidarity
    - Intelligence
    - Reliability

    Visual Logo Style:
    Luxury, Serious and Minimalist.

    I need your feedback, and if any revision i will fix as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much. #65
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  • About #48, @rezaray

    Can you use a different magnolia?
    • @accentlawn1 did you mean different angle of magnolia? sure will do thanks for the feedback

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    Can you add a simple graphic to this?
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