Aircraft Recycling International Limited (ARI)

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Project description

We are in need of a logo for an aviation disassembly company. The logo needs to revolve around commercial aviation and aircraft disassembly as the company will be specializing in aircraft disassemblies.

We have uploaded an proposed logo idea. The logo we would be looking for should revolve around this idea & concept

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  • Can you create a version that has a more transparent version of the cube and give the "A", "R" and "I" are more 3D look to it ? Make it pop outside the cube. Also for the airplane try a more simple color pattern. #143
  • How? feedback please #137
  • Attention designers! If you are not seeing your submitted entry in the contest please re-submit again.

    Data synchronization issue during the server upgrade impacted some of the designs that were uploaded on Sunday over the short period of time.

    Thank you
  • Please see the attached image i just uploaded. This is the 3D style we are looking for (similar) with the aviation theme and utilizing the Google color scheme. Feel free to get creative with it.
  • Hi. Made new design. What do you think of it? Thanks. #120
    • @mmkdesign Its close. I will upload an image to the brief of the style we are looking for the design in. What we are looking for is a 3d version of the design with the Google color scheme. Please check the brief here in a few minutes and i will upload the image which has the design style we are looking for. Thank you.

  • We are trying to find a 3-d version of this design. Do you have an email i can send you the idea we have ? #50
    • @kwright Hi. I can't give you e-mail as it contradicts rules of the website. You couldn't add the idea to brief? I will try to make for you new design. Thanks.

  • The style we are looking for is a 3D version of ARI using the colors of red, yellow, blue and green with the triangle prism effects. The style needs to be futuristic, yet relevant in the aviation business. Check out our preferred design styles in the brief.
    • @kwright Hi there, I can only see Googles' old logo. is it a preferred style or I understand something wrong?

  • the concept is the letter A to form the recycle symbol #108
  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    plz feedback
    ketki #103
  • please check and feedback sir

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  • Simple modern design with the airplane, initials ARI, and blue color for the sky. If you want anything changed, like certain things, please let me know and I can make the modifications. Thanks for looking. #67
  • Another suggestion that has been bought up is to see if a 3D logo of ARI could be created , just with "ARI" using the colors of "red, light yellow, light blue and light green" with the triangle prism effects on it ? Thanks.
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #52
  • HI can you check my designs and sent me feedback.thanks #23
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. I corrected an error in the name. Thanks. #50
  • Can you please send us a re-design with the "I" in "International" ? It was missing in the original design. Thank you. #14
  • Would like to see creative designs that involve the "R" as the front side of an airplane and the "A" as the tail of an aircraft.