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Project description

Hey Guys

We are establishing a brand - AlienEdge.

This brands represents different types of consumer electronics products - Mainly computers,laptops,smart devices and all the accessories related.

We want to showcase this brand as it has top notch new quality and technologies for its product.

Name depicts itself - We are looking to have every new and very advance technology into this brand.

This brand and its logo will be many retails packaging and also on products.

We are looking for a modern, luxury and very explanatory logo


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  • Hi,

    I believe you are looking for unique logo for your company.
    Please check these links, most of the entries are inspired by this alienware logo which has the same business like yours:
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  • AlienEdge #300
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  • PLEASE give a feedback,I have more idea,and also a tagline:Best Choice,Best Value #290
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  • please checked it,thanks #280
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  • my design ! #262
  • this is my design .,., give me a feedback please ! #260