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Trash roll off service company. Mid Delaware/Maryland. Rural area. New business

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  • This is abandoned contest designer vote win
  • check my design #159
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  • check my design thank you #148
  • Circular symbols make a and c. There are also stars in it Blend colors and symbols are appropriate for Ameri-Can companies. #145
  • check this #136
  • Good evening Paul D I have submitted designs #127 and #128. I incorporated the colours of the state and the 13 stars to represent the 13th state. Feel free to comment and make any changes to guide in the right direction.

    Thank you
  • if you want to change any color or any font no problem. #124
  • classic design #119
  • AMERI-CAN Logo
    Theme: happy in doing the job #108
  • DESIGN 1 #103
  • A garbage can #98
  • please feedback sir #97
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    hello ch !

    Good morning !

    i hope you find yourself comfortable with my entries but if not lit me show you other concepts of this project if you choose me as winner.

    looking forward ........:))
  • hi, please rate my design if you like it. thanks and more power #85
  • Hello! Check my design. Feel free to change colors or anything else. Thank you! #81
  • Dear @pauld1 ,
    Another option
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  • Please check my design please give feedback
    regards #78
  • will look great on your equipment #77
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