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Project description

American Security Technologies is a company that sells a wide variety of security products in the US, from home alarm systems to smoke alarms to personal emergency response service (PERS) units for senior citizens. Many of our products include a live monitoring service from our central station so there is the aspect of "we're right here with you", "we've got your back 24/7", or "we're awake so you can sleep easy", etc.

We want 2 things:
1. A graphic. Minimal, abstract, simple pleasing shapes. Flat colors with no gradients preferred.
2. A typographic element of "AST" and "American Security Technologies" together. Playing graphically with the type is welcome but simplicity is strongly encouraged.

No science fiction / techy fonts — sans serif is a must. Think clean, minimal, smart, simple.
Avoid making it feel like a logo for a sports team, space program, or airline.
Look at the branding of companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon for typographic inspiration. Smart simplicity is key.

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  • If you my winner .i will working to your project sir.. Regards.
  • If you my winner .i will working to your project sir.. Regards.
  • This logo is good but I like the sans serif font from your previous entry better #134
  • A nice idea but something is a little off about the AST on the shield #116
  • Yep too techy on the font side. The border around the logo is kind of nice here. #83
  • I like that the AST is monochromatic here but the way that the letters are touching doesn't feel right #93
  • the logo is good but I wish the technology part at the bottom was subtler and that the eagle was a little more minimal and abstract and less literal. More like the USPS logo. The AST to the right is the right idea but something about how the colors are filling into the negative space of the S is a little awkward right now #92
  • "AST" too scrunched together and hard to read #132
  • Feels a little too much like a sports logo #136
  • logo design with security concept #143
  • This is good but because "technologies" is so spaced out, the distance from it to the bottom of the box (red) feels bigger than the spacing between "american security" and the top of the box (blue) so it feels slightly awkward and top heavy overall. #73
    • @youngmathias Dear CH, Thank you for your feedback, please check my revised designs at #140 #141 #142 . Regards, FauzanZainal

  • new version sir?
    check please
    regards #137
  • too many stars, feel randomly placed #129
  • logo with new concept thanks #134
  • Hello..
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Its my revision.
  • About #125, @CreaztiveZ thanks for feedback i will submit your needed changes
  • @youngmathias other idea .... #128
  • This is good. Regarding the type, right now there is a lot of emphasis on "American" where it would be preferable to have more emphasis on "American Security". Regarding the logo, it is strong but maybe a little too cluttered due to the orange shape at the bottom. Additionally where this shape overlaps the red border is somewhat inconsistent and feels unresolved. The shield shape as a whole could be a slight bit taller. #125
  • This is good. However the spacing between the A and S is slightly too close. Would be better if you could match it to the spacing between the S and the bar of the T. Also the lines on either side of "technologies" are a little too thick and come a little too close to the ends of the word. #109
  • I like how the AST link together but it still feels a little too techy. If the angle on the T was vertical instead of angled that would help. Maybe a bar in the A and the top angle not rounded? I would get rid of the font to the right and go for a simple, sans serif like neue haas grotesk or something similar. #98
    • @youngmathias thanks for the inputya sir, i will change it soon, regards

    • @youngmathias thanks for the inputya sir, i will change it soon, regards

    • @youngmathias thanks for the inputya sir, i will change it soon, regards