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Мы – компания AnyClass, мы делаем онлайн-курсы по направлениям «Красота», «Спорт», «Здоровье», «Искусство» и планируем расширять этот список. Нам нужно два варианта логотипа, который бы вставал гармонично на любые хэдеры-футеры сайтов, вотермаркой на видео, на плашки фото. Первый - обычный словесный, второй - компактный, такой, чтобы читался на фавиконе и в целом хорошо смотрелся в маленьком размере 

Прикрепляем существующий вариант. 

We are AnyClass. We create online-courses in "Beauty", "Sport", "Health" and "Art" sections and we plan to expand this list. We need two versions of the logo that would fit perfectly on our websites' headers/footers, as a watermark on videos and on photos. The first one is a wordmark, the second one needs to be compact, readable as a favicon and looking fine in small size

The present logo is attached.

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  • I Changed the direction and font. Let me know if there are any changes needed. Thanks #409
  • Workmark and Favicons. Hope this is what your looking for. Thanks #408
  • Sir check my draft i hope you like it if you need any other change so please tell me that.#369
  • i hope like my logo.. #350
  • I hope you like my logo.. thanks. :D #349
  • A and C initials logo, readable easy to remember #346
  • I hope you like it thanks waiting for you reply #343
  • 4 #330
  • 3 #329
  • 2 #328
  • 1 #327
  • how about this one? #325
  • Please let me know if you need any changes in the design
    Thanks #317
  • Forgive my, i m upload wrong design #297
  • logo idea #294
  • A and C initials #268
  • Hello, Please have a look at this design, would like to hear your feed back. Thanks. #267
  • dear sir, you will tell me what changes or customize . i will make changes or customize. #260
  • This is my second design. 100% golden ratio and it should represent your business. This logo can present various points of view. The First, you must see it as a leaf, yup it has to mean healthy. The second, it looks like a flower petal that means a beauty. The 3rd, it looks like a brush that means an art. And the last, it looks like a fire that means an on-fire, that represent the sports section.

    And I choose 2 color gradient, blue and purple. In psychological meaning, blue means trust, reliability, and strength. And purple has the meaning of glamourousness, feminine, and royalty. #232
  • please sir check my entrie .. hope you positive feedback. #218 #219 #220 #221 #222 #223 #224 #225