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I guess what I really want is something similar to the Adidas, 3 bar emblem that looks like a mountain and that looking like the rockies but similar to that emblem, with a jet flying through it or the US Air Force emblem represented and then APACA below it with no "van lines" verbiage.

I am looking for a new bold logo.  Apaca  is a a moving & storage company in Colorado Springs.  We are Apaca in  NM so I would like a logo just with Apaca to represent 3 branches.  99% of what we do is moving & storage for military members.  There are multiple military installations in CO and NM, mostly Air Force.  I would like something strong, bold and incorporates the military we service, maybe a fighter jet.  I will use this for tee shirts, hats, sweat shits, and letterhead.

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  • I hope you like #283
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  • Please check my design... #280
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  • This is creative design. please check this and if you need any change or modify please let me know. thanks. #278
  • This is creative design. please check this and if you need any change or modify please let me know. thanks. #277
  • This is creative design. please check this and if you need any change or modify please let me know. thanks. #276
  • if they choose this, watch out for the usaf & adidas lawyers ;) #208
  • really nice presentation, i like the stealth bomber too ;) #239
  • About #264, @jcalits14 please see my designs, thanks a lot :)
  • hello,,
    please check and feedback,,,
    yhank you,,,, #260
  • use AVL initial #259
  • Dear Project Owner,
    Your honest feedback is needed.
    If any changes requires or move on with this design, feel free to give your response.
  • Hi,I hope all is well!
    We can combine any element from different variants in one logo. Just let me know what element you want to put in other logo.
    If you need in the final files I add separate image layer.
    I would be interested in big answer.Also, I have many more good new ideas.
    I think this design look a kinda cool!
    If you want any changes colors, design and font Pls, feedback me.
    I hope You'll like my ideas and design.
    Let me know what you think about it.

    I truly look forward to your reply!

    With many thanks in advance and kindest regards, I am
    Thanks again for your time.
    Have a nice week-end! #241
  • On the symbolism of this logo I wrote earlier. The second logo was developed and based on map projections. If you look at a map, it looks like a mountain terrain. We do not see clearly the mountain, but learn and know them by our feelings. I really hope that you will like these design.
    I hope my works will be interesting for you and your company.
    This logo which helps to realize all your dreams.

    Pls, write what logos you liked? #240
  • Hi,
    I designed several new variations.
    This logo are variations of those items that you wanted to see in the logo, namely, mountains, fighter (aircraft) and the logo form Adidas.
    I think, that my new logo will attract the attention of customers and has an excellent view on your cars. Maybe you need a full truck-van-wrap-design-Pls, contact me.
    Rgd #239
  • Hi,
    I send the new layout of the logo.
    This logo I made from the silhouette of the aircraft and the name of the company that entered into the aircraft itself, the logo is very unusual due to typography. Style is strict, male.Great will be seen on shirts and caps and on the printed products, as well - work clothes and business cards.
    Rgd #236
  • Hi, Contest Holder
    This is a my new bold logo. I used bold font that you like.
    Also, I used a bold font and it resembles a car wheel or airplane wheel..and I think it's a good idea.
    I added image mountains and a group of aircraft invisible B2 Spirit.
    The aircraft group is an FAA-defined grouping of aircraft types which has three groups based on wingspan and tail height. These groups are defined in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13.
    This is taught in the Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs.
    I think, this logo a good choice for your move.

    Let me know if you want to go forward.
    Thank you, and have a nice day.
    Rgd #235
  • feedback please #234
  • Hope you like this design, please let me know any feedback. Thank you! #232