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Project description

Appvance needs a logo for our newly christened software testing system: Appvance IQ.

Appvance IQ stands for Appvance Intelligent Quality. It is an AI driven, unified testing automation system, used to create and execute a comprehensive set of software quality tests.

Appvance IQ gives software testing engineers superhuman brainpower due to its use of AI, thereby allowing a single tester to do the work of 100 testers. This use case and benefit statement isn’t to be shown, but is described here to provide context for what the logo conveys.

Said another way, Appvance IQ is the future of quality. So the logo should convey the feeling of superhuman intelligence made available to everyday testers so they can be agile and foolproof. 

  • Logotype: The Appvance IQ logo should be primarily or exclusively a logotype, or a logotype with a pictorial element or emblem incorporated. 
  • Feel: It should be modern, solid and clean.
  • Colors: The main colors should be blue and green, or blue or green, with orange acceptable as an accent. The blue, green and orange should be the hues used in the iOS icons of iWork. See the attached file for those logos, from which to choose colors.
  • Font: We don’t have a font chosen, so I’m open to font. Should be sans serif. The letters IQ should be distinctive. Q is a particularly interesting letterform, so the font should have a great Q. Futura is one font that I’ve played with, but am not married to it.

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  • Hi submitting my design concept for your project, hope you may like it. #263
  • i hope you like this #287
  • i hope you like this #286
  • another variation with minimal symbol concept #265
  • concept 2 #264
  • a brain shape incorporated in text #259
  • a brain shape incorporated in text with blue and orange colors #258
  • logo idea #256
  • Sir this logo has a bulb like structure with IQ at its bottom and in the bulb the Brainpower goes very high and The letter Q has makes it more attractive.Hope you like the design and the concept of this design.
    Thank you.
  • tick mark for Appvance and a techno font to show technology.
    IQ in orange #178
  • check mark in green for Appvance and IQ in orange color, technology #177
  • mx7
    Please feel free to left a coment, so the design of this logo could find a better direction.
    Thanks. #163
  • mx7
    Please feel free to left a coment, so the design of this logo could find a better direction.
    Thanks. #162
  • Like this ? #161
  • Hi can you sent me any feedback about my designs thanks #104
  • Thank you for all the entries. After reviewing them, the following thoughts come to mind:

    • There are two words in the logotype: APPVANCE and IQ. They should have roughly equal weight. Appvance should be rendered as one word, without differentiating between syllables. Some designs render "vance" in a different color or weight than APP, or highlight the V. I don't favor that, as it adds complexity.
    • In similar fashion, IQ should be rendered as two capital letters. Some designs use a lower case i or a heavily stylized treatment of I and Q. Those fail because they are hard to read and disrupt the meaning of IQ. I'm guessing that the temptation to use a lowercase i is because the uppercase I can be mistaken for an l. However, I'm not worried about that when it is written as part of IQ, which is a universally understood two-letter acronym.
    • It seems that APPVANCE is best rendered in all caps. However, I do like many of the entrants where the font is high tech looking, especially the A, V and E letterforms.
    • This should be a bold logo. Some of the fonts/weights strike me as light. This doesn't mean that the font has to be the bold form necessarily, just that the logo shouldn't be delicate.
    • In general, the logotype part of the logo must be instantly readable. I've eliminated many entrants that fail this test. However, you can add an abstract pictorial element, as many of you have. Just make sure it builds on the logotype.

    Finally, I'm going to have some colleagues vote on entrants starting tomorrow.

    Good luck and keep the creativity and craft coming!


  • Why is the Q's tail in the pictorial element coming out of the bottom left, instead of the bottom right?

    If it came out of the bottom right, and there was a dot atop the tail in the logotype, it would hang together.

    I'm also not sure why the i in iQ is lower case. It should be uppercase. #124
  • Similar to #144, I like the simplicity of this logotype. I also like the high-tech feel of the letterforms. #143
  • I like the simplicity of this logotype, including that it highlights two elements: Appvance & IQ. I also like the Q.

    I'm less enamored of the A, as it's not easy to read, especially as the first letter. #144
  • I hope you like it! #139