B5 Farms Ltd.

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Project description

We had to create a new name for our farming company.  So we are starting from scratch for a logo for our farm.  logo would be on letter head/paper work, farm equipment, signage.  No packaging.  in future could be website and online.  We are a Canadian farm that is on all irrigated land.  We use pivots to irrigate the land.  we grow potatoes, barley, wheat and canola now but that can always change.  B5 came from our Last name Bezooyen and we have 5 of us in our family.  Husband/wife/3 sons. 

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  • LOGO #235
  • LOGO #234
  • LOGO #233
  • LOGO #232
  • LOGO #229
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #227
  • modern classical design concept that emphasizes farming company and added irrigation land view. #222
  • i hope you like, thanks #206
  • design 01 #196

  • leaf icon letter B and number 5.
    Hopefully it looks simple and easy to remember.
    thank you #195
  • check this. #192
  • check this. #191
  • Please check it and provide feedback. thanks. #190
  • I wanted to somehow incorporate one of your crops into the logo. For this, I tried to recreate a canola flower and "hide" the B and 5 into the petals and stem. Fonts and sizing can all be changed if preferred. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy! #189
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #169
  • Please check this. Thanks. #157
  • @brenda2 ! Hope you like my design please let me know if you need any changes in the design. Thanks #154
  • Merging Letter b and Number 5 ...
    With Blue as Intelligence, and has the meaning of clean water and Green Color as Nature which can have the meaning of plants
    thank you
    Rizky #153
  • The original design, i hope like this logo. but if your need any more change please let me know.
    i hope you like it..
    Thanks. #133