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"Backed By Fact" is a liberal news website.  We are looking for a creative logo for our home page.  Open to any and all Ideas- I will rate submissions as soon as I receive so you learn more about what we like.


We are looking for something that is more Graphic Oriented, Rather than just Text.  There are a lot of submissions like below: 


We would like something a little more bold and Modern feeling in terms o f creativity and less "business" feel.  I have adjusted the Sliders 

Thank you!

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  • This is Abandoned contest designer vote win the prize please go
  • This is abandoned contest designer vote win please reply with entry number you think should win the prize
  • . #296
  • . #294
  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    please provide feedback and comments if you would like to change something.

    Kind regards, Masha #256
  • I can change This design if you want to, thank you. Gb. #250
  • More powerful version. I hope you will like it. Waiting for your feedback. #234
  • More powerful version as the name sounds. I hope you will like it. #233
  • I create just 2 colour..
  • BBF #228
  • how do you think about this one?
    please check this.

    thanks. #225
  • BACKED BY FACT ( white, red, blue) #218
  • Hi @mattb1
    My concept is to visualize Backing by fact name, while keeping simplicity for news website.
    I will be happy to make any adjustments you need.
    Thanks #203
  • cheked please #202
  • Hi,

    Here one another concept,

    This gives a feeling of more of news website and also resemble strength and boldness.
    Easily visible in small size and the icon can be used separately.

    I hope you will also like it.

    Waiting for your feedback.

    Thanks #191
  • Hi CH,
    Please have a look at this one. #185
  • Is like this? #180
  • logo can be used alone or with text as shown #177
  • cheked please #173