Bagwell Engineering, Inc.

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Project description

We've received a lot of great submissions. We're now requesting submissions for 2 new logos:
  1. Provide a new logo for our technology brand "Bagwell Engineering Technology."
  2. Provide a new logo for our corporation "Bagwell Engineering, Inc."
We're expecting there to be a slight difference between the two logos, so we'd like to keep a consistency. Use of "E", "e", "T", or "t" next to the "B"/"b" is not required.

We'd like these to be very modern, and technology oriented. Use of different fonts is fine.
We'd also like to use the preferred colors.

We're an engineering firm that now provides technology consulting services. The technology element has taken off, and we haven't had available time to market. We've decided to separately brand this element by calling it Bagwell Engineering Technology. What we'd like is a sleek modern tech logo to apply with what we do. 

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  • new logo.. #127
  • Bx1
    @joshl1198 clean & simple logo with 3 letters you want BET (B) #126
    i hope you will like that
    thank you #126
  • Bx1
    Hi @joshl1198 rate my design#120 please
    i hope you will like
    thank you
  • simple & modern design #115
  • feedback please #114
  • feedback please #113
  • Your feedback can improve my design concept. #112
  • professional logo #104
  • This is for the Bagwell Engineering Inc. (without technology) #98
  • Another redesign. Hope you like it. #96
  • Hey!
    I wanted to ask if i should totally get rid of the "be" in #61 or should i work on it?
  • Same design as previous one just the "et" is smaller. #95
  • Hey!
    I have redesigned the logo and kept the layout same. Hope you like it. Do tell me if changes are required.
    Thanks! #92
  • Please let me know if you like it or if you have any feedback #83
  • Your feed back will help to improve my design concept. #82
    THANKYOU #79
  • hello @joshl1198 ,
    designed a new concept for you.
    waiting for your valuable feedback
  • how about it? please checked,thanks. #75
  • How about this one sir?
    Thank you #74
  • Hello @joshl1198 ,
    I tried to include all of your needs to this logo.
    Hope you will like this.
    If you want any change please let me know.

    --RaviyaaLabs-- #73