Bahrain Music Institute

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  • Check the design please, I am at your service! #91
  • Please check the design, I hope you like it! #90
  • Please check. #82
  • Thank you so much for understanding! I must say your first attempt is perfect! Forget the new ones with my amendments. The top one is perfect, just straighten the staff line. Show me both with one having the white staff line and one with black. This is probably the final! #45
    • @bahsymphony Thank you for feedback I will make changes, I have uploaded some new designs!All the best!

  • please check my design ,thank you. #68
  • I love this so much i want it to be perfect! Try these few things: 1. “Bahrain institute” in flat black an closer to the staff lines. 2. The colors of “music” without the fade just flat red. 3. Straighten the music lines instead of slanted 4. I do like the curve in the end but i find it too big, is it possible to see one smaller curve and one without the curve. #45
    • @bahsymphony Thank you for feedback I will make changes, I have uploaded some new designs!All the best!

  • Also i love the white staff lines rather than black! #45
  • To modify the logo or change colors please contact me
    I am at your service, Sir #53
  • This is incredible! Is it possible to see it without the curve at the end of the staff? #45
    • @bahsymphony Thank you for feedback I have uploaded some new designs and changed everything you asked for.All the best

  • concept: landmark combined music instrument bahrain #43
  • Bahrain music institute in red and black version. best regard. #41
  • I love this very much! I like it’s simplicity. Try something similar to this, it’s almost perfect! #17
  • Try “البحرين للموسيقى" both in red and "معهد" in black #39
  • White version with red include #39
  • concept: bahrain landmark (building) combined guitar icon. #38
  • Very creative! Love this, can I see it with a white backgraound, and logo having red! #26
  • اتمنى ان ينال اعجابكم #14
  • raa
    I have added the flag colors while suggesting the flag itself and skewed the logo to add movement. Thank you for the feedback. #9
  • Apakah seperti ini? #8
  • Very creative! You don’t usually see French horns on logos! :)
    Maybe a bit more animated is what we were looking for! #6